Reasons Why Social Media Marketers Use User-Generated Content

Social media marketers are often faced with the challenge of how to create the most engaging content that resonates with their followers on a more personal level. This is where UGC or user-generated content comes in.

Baby clothes - Jacaranda Living
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UGC is the content created by individuals outside of your company. It’s authentic and created by your fans, and can include your products or even inspiration that resonates with your products and brand’s image. As a social media marketer for several clients, I understand that Instagram posts should do more than just sell products; they should sell your brand. In order to do this, the majority of content marketers agree that your brand lifestyle is all about showing your company’s personality, whether that’s behind-the-scenes, in-store, at home, or simply showcasing content which expresses your brand’s culture and beliefs.

RockItWorkIt Instagram Feramoringa
RockItWorkIt regrammed @Feramoringa’s Instagram post because it resonated with RIWI’s brand.

The best way to do this is through User-Generated Content.


According to most social media managers, user-generated content is the #1 best practice for people looking to promote their businesses on Instagram. Reasons why social media marketers are tapping into User-Generated Content today are because:

  1. It saves you time
  2. It builds trust between your brand and your followers
  3. It allows you to engage with your target market and existing fans on a deeper level that is more than just promoting a product
  4. It taps into Instagram user’s desire to be showcased and seen
  5. It is critical in broadening your online reach. Your posts often get praised by influencers and photographers you feature who most likely have a larger influencer base on Instagram and will share your brand with their network
Natori Feathers Instagram UGC
I regrammed this photo for Natori and tagged @LaceSilhouettes because it was a beautiful image of Natori bras and it also promoted a local store that carries other products for the brand

Lastly, creating content is time-consuming and can be expensive. With UGC, you can create your campaign idea, reach out o fans and come up with more content that is affordable and creates trust between you and your followers. By posting other people’s content and giving them the credit for it, your post will more likely receive higher engagement and allow individuals to interact with your brand.

Hope this helps! Please reach out with any questions.


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