On New Year Resolutions: Why Exercise Alone Does Not Result in Weight Loss

Healthy activity

I hope you had a happy new year, and welcome to 2018! Since it is the new year and all of us seem to be on that healthy kick to start 2018 on the right track, I wanted to write about something I noticed recently about people’s understanding of weight loss and exercise. After reading many articles and interviewing friends, vegan advocates, nutritionists and fitness trainers, I discovered what most people are really looking for when they go to the gym or seek out a fitness trainer. Most of us want to lose weight, but many of us don’t understand that exercise alone does not lead to weight loss. Don’t sweat it too much because this is not necessarily our fault…

exercise and weight loss
Photo taken from the Vox.com article on how exercise does not lead to weight loss

We are so often faced with times at the gym when fitness instructors tell us to “give it your all and work harder so you can earn that extra margarita at happy hour.” This is a wrong message to send because many instructors don’t understand how damaging it can be for people to think they earned that treat if they did one intense cardio class. While rewarding yourself for achieving something your proud of is great, it’s important to remember that moderation is in fact the key to a happy, healthy, well-balanced life. If you worked so hard in that spin class, why waste it away by choosing to consume something unhealthy right afterwards? This also won’t keep the pounds off, it will just cancel out the work out. Our country is fighting obesity and by sending the message to people that we can indulge in a big meal or something unhealthy after a work out, makes it more challenging to fix the problem.

According to the vox.com article, “Why You Shouldn’t Exercise to Lose Weight, “exercise is pretty unhelpful for weight loss. While 100 percent of the energy we gain comes from food, we can only burn about 10 to 30 percent of it with physical activity each day.”

Of course exercise is important when it comes to overall health, but it doesn’t result in weight loss. It’s the combination of what you eat and how much you eat that has a much bigger impact on your waistline. We can help each other solve our obesity problem by “prioritizing fighting over-consumption of low-quality food and improving the food environment,” says Julia Belluz from Vox.

Active lifestyle
Physical activity is actually a tiny component of your daily energy burn

It all comes down to this: if you burn more calories than you consume, then you will lose weight. Many cultures in different countries work hard to find their food. In America, food is so accessible and cheap from fast food chains making obesity or gaining weight impossible to avoid. This is why we need to be smart about our choices, and send the right messages to people in the gym, on the streets and in media. It’s really difficult to lose weight once you’ve gained it so avoid getting to that point by implementing healthier choices into your routine, i.e. an apple instead of a cupcake after that hard workout class.  If you make healthy choices, stay active and don’t overeat, then you will lose weight. I understand it’s easier said than done, and resolutions are difficult to stick to but I think if we are more educated about what’s healthy and what’s not, we can begin to fix the obesity problem.

Being healthy is a choice and once you start picking greens and fruits over saturated carbs and fats, you’ll have more energy to do the things you love.

Despite extremely high obesity rates in the US, people continue to encourage exercise as the only solution. We need to improve our food environment to help people make healthier choices about what to eat. The RockItWorkIt app will aim to educate people on how to be healthy through their upcoming podcasts, partnerships with inspiring nutritionists, and video content on their Youtube channel. Coming soon in NYC, RockItWorkIt will team up with nutritionists and offer a support group for people who want to learn how to make healthy choices and love their body. For those who don’t understand the RIWI app’s main goal – it’s mission is to teach people how to have a holistic view of being their best self.

Healthy activity
Finding some zen in the busy city

I would love some of your opinions on this topic as it is such a hot topic right now. I’m sure many of you are still fighting the weight off that you may have gained over the holidays and trying to find ways to keep motivated in the new year. The RockItWorkIt app can help, follow our Youtube Channel, Facebook page, and Instagram to follow upcoming events and topics. We would love your participation and outreach.

And lastly just remember this…

Exercise to have fun
You don’t always have to dread going to the gym. Exercise on the RockItWorkIt app is fun because it invites the community to participate and work out together in whatever activity you choose.

Have a great week!



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  1. Very nice….. I agree with your points.


  2. So true! Great post. I’m taking this all into thought.


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