Tips to Help Improve Recycling at Home

Everyone needs a little help when it comes to waste management at home. Make yourself get into the habit of recycling every day, and not just one day a week when you need to empty your bins. A few minutes each day of sorting your recycling doesn’t require much effort and will actually help the environment and your community significantly. Since you’re most likely spending so much time at home, you might as well create a cleaner home and help improve your community.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Did you know reducing, reusing, and recycling can help you, your community, and the environment by saving money? It’s important to think of things in your house that you can do a little R & R & R. Can products you’re about to throw out be reused?

reduce, reuse, recycle

Plant More Trees

By recycling garden products and planting more trees, you can help improve the environment in your back garden. It’s easy! Just go to your local market, and buy seeds to plant. All you need is soil and a lot of watering. Not only is it free but will help the environment. Trees provide food, protection, and homes for birds and other animals.

recycling at home_asembl

Clean As You Go

Rinse out old food containers, bottles or jars before you add them to the recycling bins. This will help keep the bad smell from old food out of your house and will limit pests or animals that are attracted to leftover food in bins. It’s much cleaner and will be way more hygienic.

clean as you go

Make a Compost Bin

 Compost bins are used to house and make compost until it can be used in the garden. Most are designed to hasten the decomposition of organic matter through proper aeration and moisture retention. The best compost bins for making your own compost and recycling organic food waste include BioBags and worm compostersBeware that rats are attracted to compost bins so keep them in the garden. Compost bins are greatly beneficial to the community because it doesn’t waste food.

David Beaulieu / The Spruce

Compact Your Trash Bins

It’s very easy to just toss rubbish into your bins (and hopefully you have 3 bins for each use, not just one or two) but it’s important to compact your rubbish. Crush, squish, stomp on, tear up and make smaller anything you can to fit more into your recycling bin – the more space you save, the more recycling you can fit in!

recycling at home

Shop Smarter

Shop smarter when it comes to food. We’re all in hard times right now with a second wave of the pandemic so plan your meals in advance. That way, you only buy what you need, and then you can reuse leftovers in lunches to reduce your food waste each week.

waste management

Get Everyone Involved at Home

You’re all quarantining together at home right? So make sure everyone is involved with the recycling and mission to improve waste management for yourself, your home, and your community. It’s not one person’s responsibility to get it done. Tell your significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, grandmother, niece, nephew that they’re going to have to take on more tasks for a better, cleaner home. Assign each member a task and make sure you stay on them about it. After all, recycling can be fun when you do it together!

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