Escaping the City for Concerts on Governor’s Island

This past weekend I went to see Carl Cox, Pan-Pot, Darren Emerson and a few other deep house / techno DJs on Governor’s Island, and had a BLAST! We took a ferry over there at 5:30pm to see the performance this past Sunday.  It was really fun and even though I usually prefer concerts on meadows and grass, it was better than having it in a paved concrete parking lot like Meadows Festival had it last summer.


Statue of Liberty out in the distance

The sun set around 8pm but the colors in the skys were bright pink and blue for hours. The Statue of Liberty was right there too and it felt so nice escaping the city and being around the Hudson River on an island that was just a 3 minute ferry away from Manhattan.

Twinning. The weather couldn’t have been better.

Carl Cox, an English DJ, also the “undisputed King of deep house,” according to MixMag, is the coolest and one of my favorite performers. I love watching him perform live because he engages the crowd so much. He also looks like a big teddy bear and I’ve followed his shows awhile now, and love seeing him include his fans while he performs, giving people shoutouts and asking the crowd how they’re feeling! The crowd was all about the music too and no one was too drunk. Another positive about going to a concert on a Sunday afternoon. Everyone knows they have to wake up for work the next day so it was nice seeing everyone in control and not heavily intoxicated.


What I’m wearing: Josie by Natori bralette, Levi’s shorts, white converse high-tops, and a tropical printed button down from Forever 21

Even though I’m 26 now, I feel concerts will always be a very important part of my life. Especially in my 20s, as it has been, but now as I’ve gotten older, I feel it’s important to see the artists you love in person and experience it live. I love to dance and being around other like-minded strangers who love the same music as you is a really special thing. Opening yourself up to the music, exploring new ways you perceive a song, and communicating that through dancing and self-expression. Dance is the hidden language of the soul. I truly believe that when you dance and let go of everything, your mood enhances and you feel happier. We danced for hours, until we had an urge to find some food – tasty mac & cheese. Governor’s Island had trucks with lots of different kinds of food so you won’t go hungry. I really liked that the ground was covered with gravel, little silver stone sand pieces, so it wasn’t just jumping around on hard pavement.



Music is so important to me, which is why when artists I track on Songkick announce an upcoming show in my area, I’m starting to just buy a ticket because it means more to buying a dress. I always say rather spend on an experience, a getaway, an event, rather than something materialistic. Life is about sharing experiences and creating memories and doing what you love, no matter your age. There’s nothing worse than missing an opportunity to dance all night to the music you listen to everyday. Go to as many concerts as possible and never feel like you are too old for one. If you like them and want to see them perform, then get your ticket and make a plan to go. I am getting so excited for Burning Man in August over Labor Day Weekend. Nervous excited. It’ll be a lot, out in the desert with no cell service, but it’s on my list of things I need to do in my 20s so no going back now. Let the countdown begin!

Have a great week!


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