Jazz Up an Outfit with Embroidered Florals

Yesterday was my good friend Ali’s birthday and about 5 of our good girlfriends went out to celebrate at the new Jean-Georges restaurant abcV. It is a plant based, non gmo, sustainable and organic restaurant serving all vegetarian and vegan dishes that are very fresh and very delicious. I actually reviewed abcV in another post on On Dining in NYC. I got to be the birthday girl’s stylist since I work at Natori and dressed her up in the Josie Natori embroidered cotton shirting bralette. She looked amazing and of course I also went with the floral theme and wore the core crepe embroidered floral top from the Josie Natori Spring/Summer ’17 collection as well.

Pair any embroidered florals with chic plain colored pants or shorts to allow the florals to be the striking focal point of your outfit

Here’s a little play by play of the night from fashion to food, and abcV couldn’t have been the more perfect place to dine for an all girl’s dinner.

Ladies at the front of abcV

The floral embroidery evokes a soft and romantic feeling with its intricate details and cropped, flattering fit

Ali wore a sleek wide pant look that was cinched at her tiny waist. She looked so elegant and chic with simple black stilettos. Her bralette has removable straps so she can wear it as a bralette or a strapless crop top. I went with black cropped pants that hugged my ankle, and paired them with strappy heels. The weather was quite dreary so outfits with a little fall flavor seemed appropriate.


Ali could make anything look good but I felt like this shirting bralette with embroidery looked particularly good with her olive skin tone. 

Josie Natori’s new floral embroidered crop tops and bralettes are edgy and romantic and while these styles are somewhat new to the Natori brand, they compliment the relaxed yet glamorous sensibility of the collection. I highly recommend taking a peak at the new collection at natori.com and getting some new floral embroidered styles for yourself. You’ll be wearing them throughout the summer, fall and spring seasons.

The lighting at abcV was nice and soothing, and the room was large so it felt really spacious. Here I’m having the pomegranate martini, it tasted and looked like a Cosmo so naturally, I felt like it was a moment out of Sex & The City

The table setting was so cute. Chopsticks neatly placed above our plates and a beautifully painted mini floral teacup was placed in the center of the table. Believe it or not, the dainty teacup held hot sauce – like that hot sauce in my bag swag. Not sugar, but hot sauce! Talk about a little bit of an oxymoron.

We decided to go with the “taste of spring” option on the menu so we could try all their top samplings. The menu can be quite confusing and this way we were all able to try the top best dishes.

The half roasted cauliflower, with turmeric-tahini and pistachios was definitely one of the favorites of the night because it was perfectly roasted with so much flavor, and our forks sliced right through

Yes, one might say it might look like we dined at a local farmer’s market but the food actually was full of flavor and very fresh. These were the avocado lettuce cups that had toasted cumin, lime and pepitas in a flower shape!

The rounds of food that the waitor brought out were endless. We were getting so full before we even got to try the main thing we were all so excited about… the spinach spaghetti! It was fresh and perfectly al dente, but I’m still not sure if it was actually spinach spaghetti or just regular spaghetti with spinach flavor? It was green so my gut tells me the former.

Finally it was time for dessert. We got Ali’s favorite Momofuku – any girl’s idea of the perfect birthday cake with delicious sugary cake balls around the edge. I got this for my birthday too this year and last year, and think it’s inevitable that this is the cake we’ll get our friends for their bday.


img_8752I mean I’m more of a chocolate girl myself and the desserts were not personally my cup of tea, but the girls seemed to love it all.

Even though we could hardly stand up afterwards, it was better than dining at an Italian place where we would be loaded up with carbs and butter! Be aware of the extra bloat from all those veggies the next day. It’s a lot for the stomach to handle if you are not used to having so much vegan.

Definitely bookmark this page for your next visit to NYC with your girlfriends or mum. It’s a great vibe with soft decor and magical lighting. I know my mum would die to dine here for breakfast! They have the best available acai bowls, chia bowls and avocado toast.

Happy Wednesday, have a great week!



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