The Armory Show

As promised, an update of my weekend visit to the Armory Show. It was interesting (and free thanks to Hannah being a member at the Whitney Museum). I attended on Sunday and saw a lot of different artists, met a few people, and saw several familiar New York fashionistas and old friends.


On my 2017 to do list: become a member at the Whitney!


The art fair showcased the most important cultural pieces of the 20th and 21st century. Some were fascinating, very abstract, and others made you unsure what the artist’s message was. I really enjoyed walking around the aisles and learning about some pieces from several artists.



Fashionable in fur, Hannah banana


They had a lovely open bar and sitting area with full restaurant available too


“Flowers for Lisa” by Abelardo Morell

I’ve always loved sunflowers, my favorite flower, so this above painting stood out to me. Most other paintings and sculptures were abstract.




One particular artist I liked was Martin Basher, who is originally from New Zealand and now lives in Brooklyn. I think because of his ties to the surfer world and then moving to a more hipster town, his lineage form of art represented a blend of my two worlds (South Africa to NYC) in a broader way. I really enjoyed his palm tree sunset artworks.



Sunset palm trees by Martin Basher


More from one of my new favorites, Martin Basher


Mirror & balloon reflections


This below painting was super cool, and linear.


The place was so crowded we kept getting pushed into the paintings to avoid the circus in the middle of the lanes


In the present day, we are so concerned with paying off our debts and this portrays how the receipts and bills never end. 


A personal fave in today’s overly communicative society. 


Neverending abstractions foreshadowing what goes on in life and how it is nonstop.



Loved the experience and love learning more about different artists. I can’t wait to go to the next exhibit.


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