A Short Moment in the Sun

Last weekend I had a quick getaway to Palm Beach with my family. It was so blissful to escape the bitter cold and windy city for a few days. We took long walks on the beach, read in the sun and enjoyed ice creams in gigantic waffle cones after delicious Italian dinners. It was very relaxing and I loved every minute I was there with my parents. The only bad part was that it was over the weekend when Trump was inaugurated. I wish I could’ve marched with all the strong women but I had a date with the sun! My heart was with them in spirit and I watched them on TV marching with purpose holding huge signs that carried such significant meaning. What a beautiful moment in history that will never be forgotten!

After I came back from PB I felt so rejuvenated and ready to take on the work week. Even a short 3 day trip really helps me because I loathe cold, dreary winters in the city. The skies are grey, the buildings seem so overbearing and large, and you look down at your little black boots getting covered in white salt marks. Awful!

Highlights of the sunny trip–>


Overlooking the sea on our balcony before a very pretty run


Beautiful small beaches that we passed on our morning run


Picking out the perfect shells


After sun relaxation in cozy embroidered Jacaranda Living slippers (my favorite)


So much (cheese) pasta ❤

We come to Palm Beach every year or at least Florida but it was a very special trip because it was just so relaxing and not filled with tons of people. Luckily, the weather was great and we got some sun in all 3 days. I can’t wait for the next short getaway and for spring/summer to start creeping in. Sunshine provides everyone happiness, whether they know it or not! I feel instantly gratified and happy when the sun shines down on my face. I definitely need a sun room in my next house. I think that the next trip I plan has to be somewhere south, even though I realize the next one I will be going on is to Okemo in New Hampshire for another ski trip! Oh well, might as well take advantage of the winter weather in some way. Activity and outdoors is overall the best way for us to stay busy, keep a clear mind and feel happy. I will be sure to keep you in the loop on the next outing.

Have a great weekend!


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