Normal is Boring

Because sometimes you just need to stay weird to get through these grey, dark days of the beginning of fall. Surround yourself with interesting people, motivate yourself and have positive vibes always to help get you through the end of the work week. Finally, after a lot of resistance to fall, I’m getting myself to accept the hardship that this is fall and it’s getting cold. No more weekending in bikinis in the Hamptons or taking a lunch break to tan on my roof, this is finally the reality of living in the New England north east coast and where I’ve realized that we have got to get through this together!

Some inspirational Pinterest boards help get through the hard reality of summer days drifting away…. but just remember how lucky we are to be alive, healthy, and have the ability to dance.

Inspiration for today:

stay weird.


no regrets and stay positive


remembering what you love


be honest with yourself, fake people suck


appreciate the love around you


because it’s boring to be normal

There’s always these moments that you reflect and remember what makes you you and what makes you happy.

What inspires YOU?! Love and be loved. That is all.

Also, coming up to my 26th birthday, god help me.. Thanks to Jean Luc Goddard, I guess that means my life ends in a month!


Kidding… there is so much to look forward to. Love the life you live and do something new as much as you can! Normal is boring.


look on the bright side, find the humor in things as much as possible, when you’re stressed. LIFE IS TOO SHORT!



Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn. Then of course, be a unicorn… and remember to spread your wings and fly – blooming, innerblooming, creatively and wonderfully. Graceful, gracie. xoxo.


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