Way down in Mexico 

My boyfriend, Nick, and I had an amazing vacation last week to Cabo San Lucas. We stayed at the Villa Del Palmer, a beautiful resort right on Medano Beach next to the center of town. It was absolutely 100% the best holiday trip I’ve had. Just the two of us going on all these Mexican water excursions from jet skies to snorkeling to fajita sunset cruises to parasailing. We did it all and I loved every day we were there.


Palm trees. 100 degrees. Sunny. Ocean. Bliss.


The weather was 90 degrees and sunny everyday. After a few days, we were already starting to look like the average local… Almost.

What we noticed really soon after being in Mexico was how quickly locals try to bargain prices and up sell everything from massages on the beach to even margaritas by the pool. Every cost was negotiable and most of the locals were trying to sell drugs, alcohol, jewelry, blankets, and other garbage items that we realized wouldn’t last more than a few days. The picnic blankets were cute but he only thing we got from the people walking up and down the beach was a bracelet (sadly it broke since returning to NYC).



south side

doesn’t get old

post snorkel

meet Tequila

this lady’s cup

happy gal

Lover’s beach – the arc!

lovers on lover’s

Being silly with this guy came easy and everyday we started feeling more and more relaxed. I thought I would’ve gotten through quite a few books but the activities in Cabo were endless and the nighttime excursions were always calling. We walked or taxied to town and met random people either from the day by the resort or from the sunset fajita cruise. Mostly we were just getting dinner ourselves and then going into town to dance at the bars and night clubs which were wild with Mexicans everywhere trying to bribe you with a free shot to get you into their club. I loved Cabo Wabo, Squid Roe and Mandala. The squid row was insane with weird signs and different floors and lots of lights but everyone in there was having a great time dancing the chacha slide or love shack. Locals teaching everyone to salsa in the center. Mandala was more American and preppy which I liked 🙂

running in 90 degrees, fabulous

The jet ski was nicks favorite obviously, and the local who took us out let nick take his so he could go faster. There really are no rules in Mexico!



Lots of fun and so many photos to remind of us the happy memories. I recommend Cabo to young couples or people in their late twenties to have adventures and do all the activities and experience the nightlife. A ton of fun and can’t wait to go back to a different part of Mexico soon. My Spanish has greatly improved as this trip certainly cleaned up the cobwebs from college and high school Spanish classes… Nicks basically fluent. Smarty.

Already planning the next beach getaway because one is not enough! Greedy, I know but I love traveling, love the beach and exploring different cultures.


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