Stylish Face Masks to Wear in Quarantine

Everyone is wearing face masks right now and you can make it fashion or not, up to you. Whether you choose to wear the free one you get from NY officials while on your quarantine walk (like me the first 2 months) then go for it, but you might want to consider a more trendy face mask for quarantine. Because why not?! More and more fashion brands (and individuals) are coming out with new tie dye, floral patterned or gingham masks and there is something to be said about wanting to make a fashion statement with your mask that we all have to wear during the coronavirus pandemic. Back in April, Etsy the longtime purveyor of artisan-made goods, reported earnings of $133 million in sales of fabric face masks. So yes, people have been going nuts for the material to make it themselves or have factories quickly make it for their customers. Below is a list of some awesome fashion forward face masks that are hot right now.

Face Masks by Feith Club

face masks

Awesome fashion brand run by Tracy Feith who started out selling women’s bohemian style floral dresses and now has started making fun printed masks. They’re $25 (includes shipping) and you have to Venmo him directly @tracy-feith. More info here. 

Face Masks by Brave New Look

face mask innerbloom

Brave New Look offers neutral colored protective face masks with filters. They have a bunch of different colors and are a great price for the high quality. Another perk is the smooth and breathable fabric helps you stay cool. Order a 2 pack or 4 pack here.

Face Masks & Gloves by Gretchen Scott Designs


Gretchen Scott Designs, a very preppy women’s brand based in Pelham, New York, just started making fun printed face masks and gloves. These are definitely more female forward with the feminine prints but they are tasteful and divine. See more of the collection here.

Face Masks by NAOMI NOMI


The photo above is of NAOMI NOMI’s Brooklyn-based designer who started making masks in early April. $18 buys one mask for you and donates one to a healthcare worker in need.  All donated masks will be distributed through Masks4Medicine. See more info here.

Face Masks by ZOO


We’re all about supporting small businesses, especially because we are one, and this company ZOO is making face masks all the way in the Philippines but offering shipping worldwide. They call them “mustmasks” and are actually quite charming. There are black masks and neutral colors for men and more feminine silky face masks (like seen in the above photo) for women. Depends on your style, but ZOO will definitely have a mask that suits everyone. Check them out here.

Face Masks by State the Label

face masks

And finally, if you’d just prefer a challenge and figure you might as well use this time at home to be a bit productive, try to make your own mask. There is a very informative section on the Athens, Georgia based company, STATE the Label’s website where founder Adrienne Antonson explains how to make your own mask from home. You might need a sewing machine if you need to make a dozen or more because it will take awhile. Read about how to make a mask on her page here.

Have a great week!



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