How to Treat Mom like a Quarantine Queen for Mother’s Day

This year Mother’s Day rituals and celebrations might be a little different to what we’re used to, but that’s okay. It’s our job to make our mothers feel like the most beloved Quarantine Queen her house has ever seen! The best thing you can do to make your mom feel special is to show her how much you love and respect her. Check out some ideas we listed below that will help you make mom feel so special like she is the only Quarantine Queen this pandemic’s ever seen.

Breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed

There’s nothing nicer than being able to be with your mom during quarantine but also being able to be with her on Mother’s Day. If you are home with your special one and only mother, make sure to make her morning on Mother’s Day extra special. She is the Quarantine Queen, afterall. Try to get up a bit early in the morning on May 10th, and whip up something she’ll love to eat in bed for breakfast. Don’t forget to plan ahead to make sure you have these ingredients (like avocado on toast and orange juice) beforehand!

Get Mom a Fresh Bouquet of Flowers


If you don’t have much time to order a bouquet of flowers for Quarantine Queen, go out on a walk through the garden or a little hike and hand pick your flowers for mom. When you get home, snip the loose ends and put the flowers neatly into a vase or large glass you find in the cabinet. Your mom will be so delighted you went through the effort of hand picking the flowers yourself that she will not care the presentation. It’s always the thought that counts with mothers but just make sure she feels that love all day. Keep telling her how much you appreciate her too.

Offer Quarantine Queen Some Alone Time!

All moms need a bit of down time to themselves. They love you a lot but sometimes they just want to do their thing. Offer the Quarantine Queen some time alone to soak in a tub, read a book or take a nap (or all three!).

Get Mom her Favorite Book

mothers day quarantine queen

Flowers and breakfast in bed are great, but have you ordered her a gift before the big day? If you have a little time to do some ordering, go on Amazon and research a book she just read and loved. Find out if the author has other best sellers or something similar. There are endless reads out there and I know it will come across more heartfelt if the book is from you after you went through a little research. A side of cappuccino (or her favorite tea/coffee) with it won’t hurt! 🙂

Bake Something Sweet Together


Does your mom love chocolate chip cookies?!? Then I might just have the perfect recipe for her. Try out these delicious Levain Bakery Crush Cookies. I added my own spin to it so you can get a little adventurous and pop in a few toppings like nuts, raisins, oats if you want to make it your own. I would advise sticking to it if it’s your first time though because they’re deliciously soft, gooey, puffy, and one of my favorite things I’ve baked. I just added a banana to the recipe this week because I couldn’t resist throwing another banana away! Have fun baking with Quarantine Queen, put on music in the background and make it a party!

Afternoon Activity – let mom pick the activity


Get your hands on some paint or a puzzle and get to work! There’s nothing more fun than planning an activity to do at home with your family and the Quarantine Queen! If you mom doesn’t love painting or doing a puzzle, then suggest watching a movie or opening a bottle of vino. Chatting is usually a mother’s favorite so come up with a few topics to discuss and put on a little back ground music to enjoy this quality time together.

Make Mom a Delicious Meal


There are many things your mom probably loves to eat and enjoy, but do it alone without her help. Nothing says “we love you” like a cooking- and cleaning-free day for your mom! Try this spaghetti carbonara dish, only 5 ingredients!

Go on an After Dinner Walk with Quarantine Queen

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 1.51.20 PM

Go digest that delicious spaghetti carbonara with your mom and enjoy some star gazing as you stroll your neighborhood. There’s nothing more special than one on one time with your mom, and the best way to share chats and spend time together is on a walk. You can both talk about things going on or maybe little projects you’ve accomplished over quarantine (or lack there of), perhaps something you want to achieve or do with her! Go for a long walk with mom and enjoy it.


Have a wonderful Mother's Day with your mama, the Quarantine Queen!!
Have a wonderful Mother’s Day with your mama, the Quarantine Queen!!

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  1. Any one of those things would make me feel
    like a Queen!


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