Strong Women Celebrating Women’s Day the Right Way

In case you didn’t know, it’s WOMEN’S DAY WEEK this week. International Women’s Day is always on March 8th. How are you celebrating?

womens week jacaranda living
Dress up in something pretty like this embroidered nightie I’m wearing. Feel confident. Pretty women are confident women.

Take your friends out for a girl’s brunch or shopping spree. Bake pretty pink cupcakes with sprinkles for the office crew and bring them to work. Women and work moms should be celebrated everyday (obviously) but this week in particular is a great one that marks the strides women have made in history from getting paid more in the workplace to being treated a lot more fairly. Which is how it should be! By no means is it equal pay for genders yet, but it’s come a long way and that makes me hopeful being a hard working woman in the workplace.

baby shower_womensday
Dress up in blazers and florals, spring is basically here. And here we are, besties since 12 years old! My best friend’s having a baby!

That being said, I wanted to share some ideas for you to get after this week. It’s nearly a month after Galentine’s Day and if you didn’t have time to take the ladies out then well this is your week and weekend to do it. Tell them how much you love them and appreciate them. Women need women supporting each other, lifting each other up and complimenting one another. It’s not about competition ladies! It’s about loving each other and loving yourselves.

Another photo with a few fierce ladies at Ali’s baby shower last weekend which was so cute and perfect. She had it at Maman Tribeca. Strong women who’ve known Ali her whole life going up to give speeches and toasts. It’s my first best friend having a baby, so it was an emotional day but just so amazing! She’s so strong!
women at baby shower
Our very strong inspirational mommy-to-be dressed in white! She’s due in 2 months!

Women work hard to look good and act ladylike. It’s all about that posh life they want. It’s been that way since day one. It’s just a fact. Women want to put make up on, take showers sometimes twice a day, and get into their best badass blazer they could find. They wear heels to stand tall and feel strong. They walk fast and confidently to work because they are fighting for their place in the workplace. For their voice to be heard. This is what true female confidence is all about. A fierce walking bad ass woman wearing a blazer and high heels while holding her purse and blazing hot coffee. Such a nice picture, isn’t it?

ladies networking event_asembl
Corporate work can be boring or repetitive. If you’re in a corporate job, you might as well dress up and act like a boss lady.

I just wanted to send a little note about WOMEN’S DAY week because I know a few don’t really celebrate it or even realize what it’s about. But I like to celebrate it and share the wisdom of what the holiday is truly about to everyone. Just a day or week where everyone celebrates their female coworker a bit extra. Jacaranda Living is celebrating it this year by giving everyone 15% off all retail orders. I obviously  love their product because I help with the merchandise and website… guilty. But the floral printed raincoats and cotton sleepwear are so cute and the best way to treat yourself on a female empowered holiday such as Women’s Day.

floral print poncho jacaranda living
Just smile or smize like in this photo. To smize is to smile with your eyes, usually in a sexy and playful way. Fierce!

Last year a lady on the street was giving out roses to all the women that walked past on 5th ave. It was a lovely sight to see.  I took one home and put it in a vase next to my bed. Just gave me a good feeling knowing that lady was doing this on Women’s Day to celebrate strong women going to and from work that day.

roses for women's day
it’s the simple things… give a hard working lady a flower this week!

And that’s my two cents on this awesome week leading up to International Women’s Day.

Have a great weekend, all you strong beautiful women out there!


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