5 Things That Will Help You Become an Expert Yogi

I love yoga, and have been practicing it since I was 20. Yoga introduced me to meditation as a helpful way to calm my thoughts through the breath. I was never good at meditating because I’ve always had so much energy with a zillion things in my head, but as I’ve gotten older, yoga showed me to be a little more zen. My mum inspired me to practice yoga to stay as flexible as her because at the age of 60 you should still be doing the splits 😉

Since practicing yoga, I thought it would be an amazing achievement to become a yogi certified teacher. Sheila Johnson, a wonderful writer, shares 5 things that will make you into an expert yogi. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! See her article below:

Yoga is beneficial for both your body and mind. And according to Harvard Health, Americans who do yoga number in the millions — and the number is steadily increasing. However, like any other exercise, you may run into a wall with your yoga practice. Fortunately, it only takes a few simple things to take your practice to the next level. With that in mind, here are five tools, equipment, and tech solutions to make you a savvier yogi.

Pay Less for Instruction

Yoga classes at your local studio can be expensive, and hiring a private instructor will run you an average of $90, according to Thumbtack. If studio visits and private lessons are too pricey, consider streaming classes in the comfort of your home.

The cost of a streaming device is considerably less than ongoing yoga classes. Plus, you can sort through the courses to find the perfect one that meshes with your skill and comfort levels. However, before buying, carefully review media streaming devices to find one that offers what you want (voice-controlled remote, 4K content, etc.).

5 things to help you become an expert yogi

Download Yoga Instruction Apps

In addition to streaming courses and instruction, plenty of yoga help is also available in app form. You can download yoga-centric apps to your smartphone and practice your form anywhere and anytime. For a beginner, introductory courses online may also prove easier to adjust to than in-person classes. There’s no stress involved when you practice poses in your home without anyone watching. Apps are typically low cost, too, ranging from $1 to around $10, though some options require a regular monthly subscription. Of course, the bottom line is still far less than what you would pay at a studio.

Think About a Yoga Bolster

Part of yoga’s appeal is the fact that you only need your body for a sweat (or relaxation) session. But adding equipment to your routine makes positions more strenuous. Some tools can also go either way — you can use them for support or a challenge. For example, a yoga bolster can provide pillow-like support while you perfect a yoga pose. Or, you can increase stretching by positioning the bolster during each move. Yoga Journal recommends a bolster for core work, coordination development, warrior pose variations, and balance practice.

Consider an Exercise Ball

Using an exercise ball for yoga poses helps enhance your balance, strengthens your core, and more. You can also use a ball to practice proper posture, relax your spine, and enhance lower back mobility. In most cases, using a stability ball makes your workout more challenging. Of course, modifications exist for pregnancy and other conditions, too.

Choose the right size ball to fit your body and the poses you want to accomplish. Most ball manufacturers recommend choosing a size based on your height. You should be able to sit on the ball with your hips aligned and your feet on the floor.

Deepen Your Practice with Yoga Straps

Not only are yoga straps ideal for comfort and accessibility modifications, but they can also make your practice more strenuous. While some yogis use towels or belts to modify positions, choosing a yoga strap is a smart investment. Straps come in many versions, such as D-ring, buckle, or loop styles, and different lengths. The taller you are, the longer strap you’ll need. Yoga Basics recommends choosing a strap made of a natural material like cotton.

The benefits of yoga span everything from better physical to health to enhanced mental clarity. Often, the only downside to practicing yoga is the fact that it can be expensive and tough to stick with. By bringing your yoga practice home — and incorporating helpful tools and equipment — you can change things up and keep it interesting over the long term.


Thanks again Sheila for such an insightful article about yoga and its benefits for practicing it. We will all benefit greatly from the content here.

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