Going Upstate to the Adirondacks to Escape the City

It’s so important to get out of the craziness of the city and get into nature to explore, recharge and breathe in fresh air. My recent trip to the Adirondacks did just that. It wasn’t just about being there but even the road trip was so breathtakingly beautiful. I love cruising with good tunes and the trip to Adirondacks from NYC (a whopping 4-5 hours) was wonderful because the leaves were starting to change a bit. I think it’s even better to go in October/November rather than we did in September, however, I do not love being in the cold so for me, the trip upstate in September was perfect.

adirondacks drive up rental
After the drive up to the ADK in our rental

The air started feeling cleaner as we rolled down the windows to take it all in. Leaving the dirty city of New York every once in awhile is a very important thing to do if you have chosen to live smushed between thousands of buildings.

hike in adk

kayaking in adk


The Adirondacks are much wilder than you think, believe it or not. There are six million acres up there and it is one of the prettiest places I’ve seen while living on the east coast. I just fell in love with the fresh air, untouched landscape, and private lakefront lodges built just for Adirondacks locals or visitors. It is such a pleasant place and one of my favorite things to do while kayaking there was scream and listen to the sounds echo. It was pleasant and fun. Splish splash, get up to the Adirondacks, enjoy the scenery, hike a bit and take lots of deep gulps of fresh air.

hike_adk munchkin

Til next time ADK,


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