Spruce Up Your Home for Fall with Decorative Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are great decor items for fall that can help spruce up any room in your home. It is no surprise how much I love talking about and sharing products from the fine linens company, Jacaranda Living, who carry the best embroidered linens. A family owned business close to my heart, Jacaranda Living may just help bring both luxurious elegance and festive cheer to your home this October. Here is why and how to do it.

Throw pillows are easy to store, are affordable and don’t take up too much room. When you are decorating your bedroom, living room, family den or guest room, you have to take into account all the different colors and patterns you’re working with so they complement each other. The wallpaper, rug color and texture, and lampshades need to work with the size, embroidery pattern and color of your throw pillow.

A beautiful selection of embroidered designs modeled by Jacaranda Living owner, Cathy Deale

The great thing about throw pillows is that you can switch them out at any point in time. Jacaranda Living offers an array of embroidered pillow covers that work with any season. If you love using throw pillows to bring out the festivities of the month, you must choose your embroidery carefully. For instance, in the fall season, you might be choosing between an orange pumpkin embroidered pillow or burgundy leaf design. Before deciding, look for something that’s similar in color to a piece of furniture in the room or for something that might be different but adds stylistic contrast. Be careful of too many patterns, however, because that can be too busy and look messy.


perfect bedroom for fall
You can do a lot with white and beige bedding because there is room for accent pillows.

Throw pillows are an easy way to add a bit of festive flair to your bedroom but if you don’t want to change up your bedroom look too much, stick with a classic beige and white bed set and then add other festive decor around the room.  See other options here. Try adding seasonal embroidered tissue box covers, cozy slippers, waffle weave guest towels, and table napkins.

I have a thing about white pumpkins, they are gorgeous and match with any room. A touch of festive elegance!

Layer in warm wood tones, well-placed chic ceramic pumpkins, and cozy blankets. Fall foliage also creates a cozy fall vibe that works with any room, especially when adding decor items such as pillows to bring out the harvest season.

Add in some classic decorative pumpkins, wooden trays with white linens, and lots of window light for added warmth and a cozy feel. Fall season is here and ready to rock.

Have fun sprucing up your home with these designs. You can’t go wrong with just about any of the one-of-a-kind embroidery patterns.



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