Grow Your Blog Community

Now that you have set up your new blog, you should focus on trying to grow an active online community. You want people to resonate with the content you put out there right? Well then learn about the people who resonate with your writing and ask them questions. When you get feedback on certain pieces of content you put out there, you will be able to internalize it and start coming up with new inspiring ideas that will catch your reader’s eye. On your blog, you should also be able to link to your social media accounts and newsletter so readers can follow along and stay up to date with your news and stories.

How can I reach new people?

By joining different groups on Facebook and sharing your blog articles, you can reach new people. There is a great organization called Six Degrees Society, an all women’s networking platform, and I became friends with the founder Emily Merrell years ago. She is so inspiring and started it herself after being in fashion for years. She has a great platform that enables blog writers to reach like-minded readers. You can meet them in person and share your story or join her Facebook group by clicking here.


Think about what inspires you, put it down and write about it. You will likely move your reader in more ways than you imagined. Another tip is having another writer share their opinion on your blog. More writers help grow your content and keep it fresh and diverse.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Search for readers who engage with your articles and see if they’d be interested in writing for you
  2. Click on their email and send them a note

The more you do this the more likely you will find writers interested in your content and wanting to help. It’s a win win because their content on your blog will be seen by your readers as well as their readers. It’s a great way to cross promote and help each other out with spreading content.

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