Reasons Why October is One of the Best Months

We’ve gotten the gist of fall since September has past, and now are ready to dive deep into crunchy October leaves. Besides November (my birthday month), October is one of the best months in the fall. Trees start crinkling orange and brown, tons of orchards open up for apple picking, pumpkins pop up outside your neighbor’s door, Walgreens and CVS start selling pumpkin-shaped Reeses, and you are forced into silly fun planning out your Halloween outfits.

No but seriously, the chocolate to peanut butter ratio in these are 20x better than the regular Reese’s. Try for yourself. You’re welcome.

While I am obsessed with summer, I love seeing the leaves change from green to maroon to yellow. People start getting excited for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes it sucks that days get dark when it’s time to leave for work but there are ups and downs to everything. Get over it!

Fall is a chance at new beginnings because it is a more serious time of year. Summer memories and tan lines start to fade and you are forced back into longer hours at work and having less excuses to leave early on Fridays.

Here’s how to get down with October.


This time of year is when the pumpkin harvest comes in so it’s why pumpkins are such symbolic vegetables. You see them popping up everywhere, even your boss’s desk!!

Pumpkins are the perfect foundation for festive fall decorating ideas. Just moved apartments? Dress it up with pumpkins, you can’t go wrong. How many ways can you carve a pumpkin? It can be difficult but at least you can use the stuff inside to make pumpkin soup or your favorite pumpkin spice lattes. MMMmmmm.


Just go. It’s worth it. Even if it means an hour and a half drive.

Apple picking is an ultimate fall pastime especially in the northeast and the beginning of October is the best time to go. You can makes tons of recipes with the apples you collect (apple pies, apple crisp, hard cider, apple cider, and more) and at some orchards even sip fresh cider or wine while you pick. There are TONS of orchards near NYC. For this reason, I’m so glad I work at the growing social networking company, asembl, where we post a ton of interesting events to go to that include fall foliage, Halloween, haunted houses, apple-picking places, and more. Go to one of the orchards, bring home 10 pounds of apples!

Also, apples are crazy creative. Did you know no apple seed grows the same thing, ever? It’s like snowflakes, every one of them is unique.

Making spiked cider:

Cider is delicious and a beautiful drink. It was the drink of the pilgrims. Try it.

Cider doesn’t just taste like apples either. It has all sorts of tastes from herbs to caramel. Fall is a great season to try all kinds of ciders. Be adventurous and try making it yourself.  It’s simple! Just requires some apples, warming spices, water and your choice of sweetener (and maybe some alcohol). So comforting and delicious.

Haunted houses:

Haunted houses are a must in October, just dress up so your date doesn’t see the look on your face when you get totally spooked!

Spooky candlelit tours leading you into a room while you’re on a date who you may be trying to impress but then don’t know where the hell you’re being led to… yeah it’s a killer. You’re going into the clown room! Beware!

Jokes aside, haunted houses are a must. Check out the list of haunted houses near you, it will be memorable.


innerbloom_halloween costumes
Our outfits last year were crazy but fiercely independent. School girl, crazy clown, metallica.

Girls love to dress up. Start thinking about what you’ll wear this Halloween now. It’s creeping up! (no pun intended).

Explore the mountains:

Last but not least, go upstate, on a hike, explore Catskills and the Adirondacks. I went to the Adirondacks a few weeks ago before the leaves started to change and it was just B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. See pic below to get a feel.

Adirondacks has my heart <3.

And I can’t wait to go back! It’s the best time to go hiking upstate because of the changing leaves and fresh air. Bundle up though! It’ll be cold.

Have a blast this October, doing all the things that make it such a fun month.


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