My Kickoff Summer Concert: A R I Z O N A

We might well be into the middle of June by now but this rainy weather in NYC makes it hard to see the beauty summer usually brings at this time. When will this rain stop??

We make the best out of this rain though… on my new terrace! And in one of the greatest areas, Flatiron, NYC.. hallelujah

To catch you up a bit on the past few months, I moved apartments, switched jobs, and am finally getting my bearings. This new startup, a social networking events based app, (@asemblco) I started working for is great and in part probably why I’ll be attending even more concerts and events this summer⚡️.

Life is short. Go to more concerts and enjoy every minute of it.

The company is called Asembl (download it now from the App Store) and it basically allows you to connect with more like-minded people in your community through events. There’s also an awesome chat feature to it so you can talk to friends (or potential friends you haven’t met yet but share similar interests) in specific events you’ve RSVPed that you’re interested or attending.

Last night I went with some friends to see A R I Z O N A and am beyond obsessed after seeing them live. They performed at the Brooklyn Steel and really brought all the good vibes. One of their songs that resonated so much with the crowd was a song collaboration with the beloved Avicii, called Hold The Line.

Avicii introduces me to EDM in 2010 and I’m forever grateful to have attended several of his concerts. He was a legend and I will always love his music and have precious memories of his songs.

Avicii was writing the song before he died and A R I Z O N A decided to pick it up and finish it on his behalf. Most people know Avicii died from suicide because he was so depressed, had anxiety, and struggled with alcohol and drug addiction, so it was really amazing to hear Zachary Charles, Arizona’s main singer, pause his performance to talk about mental heath and depression last night. It really had such an impact on everyone. There were probably 1,800 people in the room and everyone went quiet.

I’m Arizona’s number one fan after last night. I always loved their music but seeing them live was life changing. They’re such real, genuine and passionate people who relate to the crowd and appreciate their fans so much.

Everyone at Brooklyn Steel was bringing the vibes. There were A TON of people there and we still go to the front (thank you Asembl). We were lucky. It was probably one of the best concerts I’ve been to in my life. And of course it was raining out so I decided to go with my bright floral English Garden raincoat from Jacaranda Living.

A favorite if I may add, and yes I got tons of compliments. Get one if you haven’t already… I usually post about these floral printed beauties once every few months because on rainy days this raincoat lifts my spirits!!!

Have a great weekend! Stay groovy🖖🏻


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