Wedding Season: A Recap from Summer

I have had so many weddings this summer and now have my final one this weekend… in Aspen, Colorado! I’m so excited, I’ve never been to Aspen before. My very good friend from high school is getting married on the mountains this weekend. It’s going to be chilly up there!! I’m pumped though – a western themed wedding, and I’ve yet to begin my packing. I will share photos from that weekend when I come back but I first wanted to share the past few very special weddings I attended these past few weeks.

My best friend, Ali’s, very special and intimate at Blue Stone Hill in upstate NY.

The food was delicious at Ali’s – tempura flake farm egg with goat cheese salad

I loved Ali’s amazing dress – fit her so well. So elegant and perfect for her. She didn’t have bridesmaids, only a maid of honor and then three close friends. It was beautiful and I could see had so much of her taste in the decor and service. This was my first Jewish wedding I’ve attended!

My brother’s wedding was at Granite Links Country Club in Quincy. He’s an avid golfer and so is his now wife! It was the perfect venue for them.

Of course the bride and groom went to the green in their suit and gown to hit a gold ball out. And yes the bride’s swing and hit was a better success. I also couldn’t believe how much I cried at my brother’s wedding – was sobbing while he said his vows. I’m so happy for them, they just returned from their 2 week honeymoon which was in Greece.

The third wedding this summer was for my very good friend Sophie who chose to have it at Maplewood Country Club in New Jersey where the groom grew up and family lives there. She has a big family so naturally there were ten bridesmaids, and we were asked to wear a black gown.

Sophie at her dress fitting – had to add this shot because it shows off her GORGEOUS dress’s lace detail. I was obsessed.

Weddings bring about so much love and butterflies, don’t they?? There is so much planning that goes into weddings and after six hours or so, everything is finished! It’s crazy! All these weddings have given me a lot to think about when I want to eventually get married. Where will it be… who will plan it… what kind of flowers I want… and of course, the dress!!

Anyways I’ve been holding onto these photos and absolutely needed to share their beauty with you all. Hope you enjoy!

Have a great weekend!


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