What to Get for the Mom You Love this Mother’s Day


How are you going to make this Mother’s Day so special? There are many ways, and many gift guides circulating that are making our head spin, but two brands I am absolutely loving have found the solution for me and most of my friends: Branche Beauty Sleep and Jacaranda Living. Why? Because both lines carry very special and luxurious product that can be worn by moms of all generations.

Pink Flamingo slippers Jacaranda Living

A great way to make Mother’s Day special is to pamper mom with gifts that will last a lifetime like our whimsical flamingo embroidered slippers from Jacaranda Living. Who doesn’t smile from looking at pink flamingos?

The fine linens and sleepwear brand, Jacaranda Living, offers long-lasting, comfortable cotton nightgowns with floral embroidered designs, matching waffle weave slippers, and beautiful guest towels and boudoir pillows that all moms would enjoy decorating their home with.

Jacaranda Living Susan nightgown for mother's day

Give your mom something she will love wearing in the kitchen while cooks her favorite dish. This Victorian Cotton nightgown is a classic – it’s called the Susan nightgown – but there are at least 15 other styles from the nightgown selection that are just as lovely.

The other brand, Branche Beauty Sleep, has these irresistible silk sleep masks and pillowcases that I have fallen in love with. This past weekend was my best friend’s bachelorette party in Miami, and I brought several of their silk sleep masks and pillow cases, and Jacaranda Living‘s embroidered slippers. The result? More relaxation and a well-rested bride-to-be!

Mothers Day Branche Beauty Sleep

Even the packaging is beautiful and can fit easily into mom’s gift bag.

My favorite thing about Mother’s Day is waking up at home, getting dressed up in something floral before Mother’s Day tea time, and giving her gift and handwritten card. This year, I came across Branche Beauty’s silk sleeping masks and pillow case covers and was surprised to see how exceptionally glossy and luxurious they were.

Mother's day silk pillow cases

Branche Beauty charmeuse silk pillow cases wrapped beautifully with ribbon.

My mum is someone after my own heart who enjoys beautiful products, especially when it comes to her bedding and sleep routine. These Branche Beauty sleep masks have silk amino acids which resemble those found in our own skin, so they are a perfect synergy that balances pH and helps boost skin hydration levels. A win win!

Branche Beauty silk sleep mask and silk pillow case

Give your mom luxurious pampering this year! The silk’s natural healing and restorative properties are guaranteed to put a smile on your mom after her long naps.

Branche Beauty silk sleep mask and pillow cases are great for women of all ages, from late teens to late 60s. I was so glad that I brought these silk masks to Miami. The masks are different from most sleep masks because they sit securely on your face so you don’t have to worry about it moving around while you sleep. The texture is also soft on your face, and won’t lead to any breakouts, hair frizz, or itchiness. In fact, it prevents wrinkles AND adds volume and shine to hair.

Branche Beauty silk sleep masks and pillow case

All moms love being cozy after a long day on their feet, so why not get them something to look forward to when they get home? Something luxurious like a gift from Branche Beauty.

So for those of you struggling to find something, try visiting Branche Beauty Sleep for all things silk and Jacaranda Living for victorian sleepwear, luxurious linens and colorful prints. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! I especially love this floral print from Jacaranda Living – it comes in cosmetic bags, raincoats, umbrellas and shower caps.

Jacaranda Living cosmetic bags with floral print

Your mom will be so thrilled to carry her small items in one of these happy colorful cosmetic bags for the warmer weather. The print also comes on raincoats, umbrellas, and shower caps from Jacaranda Living

Lastly, if you didn’t know, Jacaranda Living is offering 20% OFF ALL ORDERS to give new and old customers a Mother’s Day Special. Just enter MOMSDAY20 at checkout and browse their top picks from this gift guide. I love all the product on there, especially the Cathy Nightgown, Flamingo Slippers, and English Garden raincoat (below).

Jacaranda Living raincoat for mother's day

I absolutely love this English Garden raincoat that I finally bought it for myself. I can’t wait to wear it during rainy days in spring and summer.

Hope you enjoy both lines as much as me and my friends have! The Branche Beauty silk and products from Jacaranda Living’s gift guide are treasures you and your mom will be thrilled with for years to come. Happy shopping and happy Mother’s Day!


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