On Wellness and Skincare: Health Trends in 2018

Nourish your soul

I don’t know about you  but in this cold, my skin has been cracking and there doesn’t seem to be any way of fixing it. Constant break outs and irritation has only made me more frustrated with this weather and myself. So naturally, I’ve been complaining to all my friends about it and trying to get answers to finding a cure. A few friends have actually been recommending vitamins and supplements, rather than skin creams and cleansers. This struck me as a surprise because I’m so used to applying cleansers and creams to my skin rather than ingesting minerals and probiotics to give me that fresh glow back.

The Nue Co

How to get clean skin for 2018 – supplements, vitamins, and minerals. Introducing The Nue Co’s luxury supplement brand.

I think most of us are coming to terms with the fact that 2018 has a lot of surprises in store for us. This wellness trend is taking off and is showing us so many interesting new startups that can help us find clarity with our weight, nutrition, health, and skincare. Yesterday, I went to a Morning Mingle event at The Nue Co in NYC. My friend invited me to go to support her part-time work she does with the awesome wellness company, Bloom.

The Nue Co

The Nue Co’s new venue on spring street. Visit it to learn about the various powders, minerals, and supplements they have to offer.

Bloom threw this morning mingle soiree at The Nue Co in Soho, NYC. We got to meet the founder (who is a boss babe), Jules Miller. Jules founded the wellness supplement brand in 2017 and as she explained in an article in The Coveteur, Jules says “The Nue Co, uses organic foods that are bursting with vitamins and minerals to create all sorts of protein powders, probiotics, and supplements. There are powders to help you debloat, powders that will make your skin glow, and food for your gut (she literally named them “gut food”).” Sounds awesome right? We all tried the debloat powder that must be their most popular one right now. The assistant who was mixing up the drinks, told me he steamed coconut butter, a little honey, and the debloat powder. It was an odd green colored drink but tasted like a delicious, milky smoothie. The price unfortunately is a bit steep, but I think worth it. Priced at $75 per bottle of The Nue Co’s powder.


Supplements, probiotics, and vitamins. The Nue Co’s products are the chicest way to get healthy.

Along with the Nue Co’s vitamins and supplements that make you strong and improve your health, there seem to be more and more beauty, health and wellness brands coming out with new products and ideas. It’s apparent that strong is the new skinny in 2018. For women, finding ways to be more mentally strong so we can be the best versions of ourselves, is what we are all about. We are all striving to have a better relationship with our mind, body and soul. Whether this is through extracurricular activities like yoga and meditation or finding solitude and serenity in other ways, we are all trying to get a little more of that self-love. Nourishing our mind, soul and body.

Nourish your soul

Feeding the skin, mind, soul and body. Photo taken from The Nue Co’s amazing IG feed.

I know it is difficult to eat clean 100% of the time and work out every day of the week, but finding a way to make your body feel good and clean is what will give your mind that clarity to perform the best. I think that is what is making the health trends in 2018 kick off. More fitness nutritionists and health gurus are taking off on Instagram and Youtube showcasing what makes them perform the best and feel good. And that is amazing. So it’s not just about the creams and cleansers, but the minerals, probiotics and supplements that will help pave the way to clearer skin, and help you get that summer glow you’ve been missing for the past 5 months.

Please share your favorite health trends or supplements below. Have a great rest of the week!



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