Art Basel: Health and Wellness in Miami

Phillip K Smith III

This past weekend I went to Art Basel in Miami and practiced a little health & wellness with fitness app, RockItWorkIt. I worked with founder, Wendy Browder, to organize a yoga and meditation event in Miami with Soho Beach House instructor, Eugene Gant.

Palm Trees

The event was held at Soho Beach House in Miami. We were supposed to have the event outside on the beach, but unfortunately the morning started to pour with rain, and so we changed the venue to be inside Soho House in a yoga studio. We still had a great turnout for one of the app’s first event. If you don’t recall what RockItWorkIt is or does from a previous post, let me explain briefly. It is a health, fitness, sports and wellness app that aims to bring like-minded sports and health enthusiasts together through events, podcasts, and content. The events can be created by anyone in a community and are either paid or unpaid. Events can range from a boxing class, running class, yoga meditation group, or sports activity.

Soho Beach House Art Basel
Flyer for the RockItWorkIt event during Art Basel Weekend in Miami

Eugene had a very interesting take on the class as he took us through his hip-hop and Jamaican inspired dance moves that are supposed to shake out your thoughts, loosen up your muscles and allow you to focus on your practice. It was a very unique class, so different from any other traditional yoga class. It opened my eyes to a new type of zen. The way Eugene ended class was quite beautiful. He had the class repeat after him as he said, “Love to the left, love to the right, love above, love below, love in me.” He focused the class on self-love, and opening up your mind spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Yoga in Miami
In Soho Beach House’s yoga studio with Eugene up front teaching

After the class, a group of us went to have lunch at Soho Beach House where Eugene told all of us about the importance of water and how to activate your mind and body. From Eugene’s experience, he told us: “being from Los Angeles and growing up with the ocean’s power and presence has always healed me and broaden my perspective of life. Water is life, simple as that and  allowing zodiac signs.” We then had to give him the exact day we were born on and he told us what that meant about who we are and how we can overcome the challenges we face with our personalities and emotions. It made me realize how interesting astronomy is when you understand the science behind it.

Miami Soho Beach House
Rainy day views from our lunch table at Soho Beach House, Miami
Soho Beach House
Beautiful lunch at Soho House (highly recommend the acai bowl) with the RockItWorkIt yoga class

I look forward to staying in touch with Eugene for another collaboration in the future. He was very inspiring and some of the things he said will stay with me for months to come. Keep up your fitness, health & wellness by following RockItWorkIt. There will be more events available on the app, as well as, a podcast coming soon that you’ll hear about Eugene’s journey and more Q&A’s that made him want to go from hectic busy corporate job in LA to moving to Miami and becoming a yoga guru and inspirational teacher.

Art Basel South Beach
The calm after the storm. Art Basel’s art installations taken down on Sunday evening.

Miami was a lot colder than we expected but still beautiful with vivid sunsets over South Beach. We still got to enjoy some art, and reflective moments near Phillip K. Smith III‘s installations outside Faena resort (my favorite).

Phillip K Smith III
A reflective space, thanks to Phillip K Smith III

The mirror effect he creates is unbelievable, just like this mirrored cabin he made in California that gives the illusion that you can see right through the cabin. So pleased we got to visit it before the artwork was taken down on Sunday.

Have a great rest of the week, and try to relax after heavy duty holiday shopping. There is nothing I love more than Christmastime, with endless festive lights, decor and joyous music that brings you back to childhood.

Palm Tree Christmas lights
Christmas lights in Miami


Happy Holidays!


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