How to Stay Fit with RockItWorkIt

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I love being active, it’s very important to me in a lot of ways. I especially love it when I have friends or coworkers who want to do a workout class with me after work, in the early morning, or on weekends. A new app that recently launched, called RockItWorkIt, is an awesome way you can sign up for events or even create events with a trainer or friend and get a good work out in of your choice. I have helped the founder, Wendy Browder, with the launch of the app. Even though it’s just the start of the app, I predict it will go far because it brings together like-minded sports enthusiasts in the same area, whether you’re traveling or on the go, you can easily sign up for any workout event that suits you and your schedule.

Active 24 Hours
Create a bicycle adventure on the RIWI app. Share your #staycation stories with #rockitworkit
Habits to Stay Fit
Science Says Competition Is the Best Motivation to Exercise |

Some features of the app that really stand out to me are that you can sign up for free events or paid events, depending on who is teaching the class or who created the event. Unlike Classpass, there is a lot more freedom in the app because you and your friends can get a group together and create a “Group Run After Work” event and get everyone on board for the same run. Even if you are a little more experienced in say Yoga, and want to potentially get your yoga teaching certificate, you can create events on the RockItWorkIt app where you yourself can be teaching the class so you’ll get better teaching experience. You pick the location where you want to teach it – either a roof of your NYC apartment, a nearby studio, in your living room, or out at a nearby park. The possibilities are endless. I strongly suggest downloading the app today to see the rest of the amazing features it has to offer, and spread it around so more people can start taking and creating classes that suit their schedule – free or paid classes!

Explore a New City
Wherever you are, you can use the #RockItWorkIt app to explore a new city when you’re on the move. Just put in your current location, find an event and go!
Fill your life with challenges #RIWI

Mike Nicholson, a top personal trainer, at Chelsea Piers has become an ambassador for the app and is highly motivated to bring people on board to start using it. I have been working with him to help the app grow and get more people to download it. If you are traveling for work and don’t want to pay 35$ for a one off cycle class, use RockItWorkIt to meet people in the area and also work out with them. From boxing to pilates classes to running with a group to one on one training sessions, there are so many events that you can create on the app. I am excited to continue my support by working with Wendy and Mike to bring the app to the next level and get more people to download it.

RockItWorkIt fitness class
Meet fellow enthusiast and make new friends creating Free events on the app!
RockItWorkIt Group Fitness
Leverage your professional network, find romantic interests, and make forever connections!

What you can do to get more up to speed with the app’s features is follow RIWI on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter. Also, download the app and see how you can have the freedom to spread the news to your friends and create an event yourself, similar to how you create networking or tech events on Eventbrite. Using RIWI is simple. It is about physical fitness, networking, and social meet ups with people of similar interests. Soon, there will even be a social aspect to it where you can chat with people on the app to discuss which event you will be signing up for.

See the Results
Positive Vibes. Positive Mind. Positive Life.

Any questions? Message me or leave a comment below! Happy fitness, happy Wednesday!

Also, think of me on Sunday… I’ll be running my first half marathon with my mum, brother, and brother’s fiance in Boston! Here we goooooooo…




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