Embroidered Denim for the Win

Embroidered Denim for the Win

There’s something about floral denim that I just love. Whether it’s a unique stitch or a western-inspired design, embroidered denim is a must add to your endless jean collection. I actually wrote 2 recent posts about denim and embroidered florals because I love them so much, and even more so when they’re in one. If you are unsure about this trend, I’m sure Josie Natori can change your mind. The Natori Company recently came out with a denim collection that offers intricate embroidery designs reflecting back to her Asian heritage. The floral prints are bold yet classy, and will add so much more to your outfit… so kick aside your ordinary vintage jeans and scroll through these denim looks. What do you think of this embroidered denim trend? Will it die or live on through the next several seasons?

Easy, sophisticated, relaxed – the high waisted denim skirt and poplin balloon sleeve blouse is a great outfit for a summer or fall work day, paired tights in winter! The cropped bralette and pants look is better for dates or fun events in the city.
a day in denim3.jpg
This casual twill jacket might be my favorite – and how bomb is the hand-stitched detail?
street denim
While you can’t go wrong with a cropped jacket, elevate your basic white button down with balloon sleeves and a sleek notch collar
up close denim.jpg
Close up of the hand-stitched details

denim shot

My friend and I took these photos last week when we bopped around the city wearing Natori’s new denim wear. The blooming floral embroidery has its own personal statement without being too loud. I love how the prints are carved out with black stitching so the shapes pop on the blue denim. The wide-leg flared denim pants are comfortable and flattering, while the cropped jacket with embroidery on the back adds a perfect dose of fanfare.

a day in denim.jpg
My friend, Zoe, loves to write about fitness, fashion and art – check it out on her awesome blog

It’s interesting that while Natori began as a lingerie designer, she has evolved her collections over 40 years and they always reflect back to her Filipino roots. The flowers on these styles are wonderfully exotic and designed to portray that special East meets West aesthetic that resonates with the art of Natori and speaks to what the brand represents. It’s exciting to see how much the brand has changed over time and for the first time seeing it offer denim. Oh how the times have changed since just the kimono and PJ days. It’s clear that history is what makes this collection so successful and one-of-a-kind.

So if you haven’t already gone on an end of summer and fall shopping spree, start now. I’m seeing embroidered denim in every window shop from Zara to Forever 21 to Marc Jacobs. It’s definitely not going anywhere, at least not for awhile, so might as well start with these new arrivals. Also, take a peek through some of the other ready-to-wear styles from Josie Natori’s fall/winter collections. Let me know what speaks out to you!


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