What to do on Martha’s Vineyard

A very close friend of mine, Carly McCall, just got engaged a few weekends ago and had me and some of our closest friends from high school to her house in Edgartown. It was so nice to get out of the city and be with them for the weekend. Edgartown is so beautiful, definitely a spot I picture myself having a summer beach house when I’m older (high hopes).

So before delving into it, I just wanted to say my journey to the Vineyard with my good friend, Sophie, turned into a nightmare. A trip that should be a mere 1.5-2 hours took us FOURTEEN! All due to a little smog. Our 9:30 am flight on Delta got cancelled last minute so we switched onto a flight going to Nantucket. We were stuck on the runway for two hours only thinking we would about to take off, but then the pilot came on and said they had to cancel the trip because it was too foggy. Horrible! We then had to quickly jump off that flight and Uber to White Plains, NY to join our friend who was taking a private plane to the island that was departing by 4pm. We made it there in time but the flight still didn’t have the ability to land in MV because it was so foggy so we had to land in New Bedford and then ferry to the Vineyard. Fourteen hours later… we finally got to Carly. Talk about a nightmare. On top of that, Delta had mixed up my checked bag and kept my bag for the entire weekend in JFK so I was using all clothes from the McCall’s the entire weekend. Looking back it’s not so bad but I was devastated when it was actually all happening. Luckily we are all the same clothing size!

Anyway, back to the city guide for your next visit to Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard – besides the fudge, Scoop’s homemade ice cream, magnificent sunsets, endless hydrangeas, and Chappy ferry riding, here’s a list of what you have to do on your next visit to the wonderfully quaint and magical haven of Edgartown.

Yoga at Hot Yoga MV:


Carly took us to her favorite yoga spot in Edgartown, Hot Yoga MV. It was so nice, though very jam packed as you can see the mats were 1.5 inches away from each other and the class had 3 rows! It was a really intense workout though, everyone sweat right through. The fitness app, RockItWorkIt, just launched and we were able to sign up for an event in Martha’s Vineyard to go to a class near us. If you haven’t heard of @RockItWorkIt, I’d recommend following them and downloading the app if you love fitness and events. Definitely check out this cute little studio in Edgartown on your next visit, the instructors are really nice and go around with lavendar at the end of class to keep you in full zen mode during and after your Shavasana.

Make a Trip out to Chappaquidick:

View of Chappy
Catching some rays
Gals chilling on the other side of the water – Chappy is only a 2 minute ferry from the Edgartown mariner

We took Carly’s dad’s little boat to Chappaquidick or “Chappy”, a small island off of Edgartown, where we had lunch and sunbathed for most of the day on Saturday. It was such a beautiful day and made up for Friday’s foggy mess. The food is delicious and there were a lot of kids, family members and people our age who are members of Chappaquidick’s club. After some ping pong, a delicious rum cocktail at the bar, and a dip in the ocean, we headed back to Carly’s on the Chappy ferry. For those who want to ride or drive farther, Chappaquiddick is a rural island with only one main road, paved for about four miles from the ferry landing at the Point to the southeastern end of the island, where it turns dirt for the last mile out to the ocean-facing elbow of Wasque Point. There is just one retail business, the one-room Chappy Store, located two miles from the ferry on this main road.

Visit the Vineyard Lighthouses:

MV Lighthouse.jpg

The lighthouses are so pretty in MV and are not only historic reminders of a bygone age, but are working beacons that still send a light out into the night. All of the lighthouses are on the north part of the island and definitely worth checking out on your visit. This is actually where Carly got engaged! Right in front of the main Edgartown lighthouse. So romantic and cute of her fiance to pick Edgartown, where Carly grew up in the summers, to propose so her whole family could be there for it. The lighthouses are definitely very romantic. There are a total of 5 lighthouses on MV and they look out over Vineyard Sound and Nantucket Sound, and over the entrance to Edgartown Harbor.

Dine at the Edgartown Yacht Club:

Girls at Yacht Club
Taking advantage of that sunset moment at EYC before dinner
Yacht Club
The dinner table – look out at that view!

Sunset over Yacht Club

I took this shot from our dinner table

We were fortunate (thanks to the McCall family) to dine at the Edgartown Yacht Club for dinner on Saturday night. It was delicious and a special treat from Carly’s dad. We ordered and all shared the oysters, hearty cheeseburger, gourmet truffle tater tots (to die for), and 2 roasted chickens with sweet potato fries. It was a very elegant treat and what made it even more special was our view out the window to watch the sunset over the harbor. I sat on the window side so got to take it all in. It’s a very beautiful, rich town ole Edgartown. I love it very much. After dinner, we danced at the Atlantic, a restaurant / bar / club you can dine at if you make reservations ahead of time. It was so fun and the DJ gave out tons of glow in the dark rings.

Stroll or Bike Around the Residential Homes in Edgartown:

homes in edgartown
There is nothing sweeter than those brick homes trickled with lavendar, blue and pink hydrangeas

Bike and hydrangea.jpg

Most homes in Edgartown are decorated with these small little flags given that it’s summer and right after Independence day’s celebrations

The homes in the Vineyard are beautiful, and the way they keep up their lawns and flowers is incredible. Every garden and yard outside the homes in Edgartown is flawless, with perfectly placed hydrangea pots, bikes with flowers, and nestled in American flags. Given that it was Fourth of July the weekend before, everyone’s homes seemed extra festive and summery.

Eat Breakfast at Espresso Love:

outside of e love.jpg

Coffee at elove.jpg
Delicious cold brew coffee

One thing about Edgartown since my first visit over 10 years ago and since living there a few summers ago in college, is Espresso Love, which will always have my heart. Every trip I take to MV has to consist of a visit to E Love. They serve fresh bagels with even fresher avocado. If you love avocado, you have to go! This is the place where I discovered my favorite bagel sandwich, the Mike’s, which consists of avocado, cream cheese, tomato on a toasted Everything bagel. The combo might sound absurd to some, but trust me, it just works. I will always be coming back to E Love on every trip in the future because it’s so comforting and feels like home. There’s a cute backyard garden to sit and enjoy breakfast, and the kind young staff always come out to deliver your coffee and bagel. Plus, they have great baked goods too from oven fresh croissants to dough-y chocolate chip cookies.

MV crew
silver sisters

Have you been to the Vineyard? What’s your favorite part? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what you love most about the island.

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!


2 responses to “What to do on Martha’s Vineyard”

  1. Love the pictures, especially the bicycle with the basket of freshly picked hydrangeas!


  2. Love this! Makes me want to go visit Martha’s Vineyard ASAP. Great post!


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