Montauk: All About that Instagram

Montauk: All About that Instagram

This past weekend I went to Montauk for Fourth of July, which can be quite an exhausting trip, especially after a long weekend. Surf Lodge is a scene and a half, where you’ll spot tons of gorgeous girls in chic Montauk outfits, getting their photo opps in. Working in the fashion industry for a few years, I’ve become aware that everyone has their own insecurities, particularly when it comes to their appearance. From Surf Lodge to Gurney’s Resort, people flock to get into these places to be a part of the “in” scene. Surf Lodge is certainly a scene, and the place you go to dance til sunset, enjoying popular music artists like, Bob Moses or St. Lucia, perform on stage.

The main beach – Tuna Beach, outside the ever-famous Sloppy Tuna joint. #Montauk #surf #sun #summer
Unfortunately, in Montauk, the cab drivers will really get you.  It’s anywhere from $20 to $40 a person so if you can, hitchhike with some locals or find a friend with a ride
Beaching with pooch.jpg
Gurney’s fun with the cutest dog I’ve ever met – follow @mrcocothepom

Choosing where to stay in the Hampton’s is something to assess before making the trip out east because it depends what you want out of your weekend. People go to Montauk for the purpose of mingling, and Surf Lodge has become a very highly sought after destination for locals, tourists, and travelers looking for the ultimate summer experience. We certainly got that this weekend, and luckily were with friends who either had reservations or bought bottle service ahead, but for many people, the wait is very long and sometimes leaves people waiting 1-2 hours outside Surf Lodge.

Posing with Coconuts at Surf.jpg
One of the many Surf Lodge perks: coconuts to help with hydration

This bustier crop top is so comfortable and believe it or not, I’m wearing it backwards. Both the crop top and embroidered floral shorts are from Zara

Today, a lot of importance is placed on social gurus and influencers to bring the crowd to Surf Lodge or to fashion sites, such as Revolve. Social media has become the way to get everyone or anyone’s attention really, and print advertisement is sure enough being kicked aside. Clothing brands, restaurants, publications all have to have the cleanest, most up to date social feeds in order to keep their followers interested and engaged. As a result, a lot of people are (sadly) on their iPhones constantly, especially at Surf Lodge because it is the hotel-meets-bar meets prime Instagram location. Tables this past weekend were bidding for 50k! People were actually doing anything to get in, which is why you don’t go to Montauk for a calm or relaxing time, you go to be a part of the scene and where you mix with people who, like you, live in the city. If you prefer a more relaxing weekend, go to Southhampton, Westhampton or Sag Harbor.

Fun on USA floaties.jpg
The biggest annual fourth party with USA pool floaties for guests to lounge on and capture the perfect Insta moment
July 4th pool party
Wild crowd
USA suits.JPG
Matching USA bikinis for boat day
Off the Boat.JPG
Crew from our boat day
Surf Lodge night.jpg
And long days turn to nights back at Surf Lodge. Go for the fun and don’t get too wrapped up in the scene
Can always count on Surf for the most magical of sunsets

And now for a long work week back at Natori, and then to Martha’s Vineyard the following weekend to celebrate my best friend’s engagement with my best friends from high school. It will be a lot more relaxing than my last two Montauk weekends.

Love yourself and everyone’s opinions of you won’t matter. Have a great week!


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