Summer Kickoff Weekend in the Hamptons

Summer Kickoff Weekend in the Hamptons

Hello June! We can all finally say that summer is officially here. Memorial Day Weekend kicked off the first actual weekend of summer and even though the weather was not so sunny, it was nice to get out of the city and celebrate the long weekend at the beach in the Hampton’s.

Below are some photos of the trip and a bit of a guide of my favorite things to do in the Hampton’s. I can’t visit a beach and not go on a run or swim in the ocean, that may just be or my South African roots but it’s my favorite thing to rise up, get to the beach and dig my toes into the sand.

give the world good energy
Bustier by Josie Natori

There are many must-haves for summer in the Hampton’s including the popular floaties everyone needs to have an excess amount of in their pools. We stayed at our friend’s pool house and their pool felt like a hot tub, which was nice given the colder weather.



The “go to” spots in the Hampton’s are: Gurney’s Beach Resort, Surf Lodge, Hampton Chutney & Co for lunch, Ruschmeyer’s and your friend’s place where you can lounge on a pizza-shaped or unicorn pool floatie.

Girls at Gurney’s outside the cute pop-up store, 6 Shore Road

The pop-up, 6 Shore Road, had a ton of cute beach clothes including bikinis, one pieces, and even colorful, printed men’s swim shorts. The waitresses at Gurney’s were all wearing the same one-pieces on the beach. It’s a really beautiful resort delivering a dramatic view of the Atlantic. The water was too cold to swim in but everyone seemed to be too dressy for it anyways, because the vibe is going straight from Gurney’s and then out to Surf Lodge.  Gurney’s had the Knocks playing live music on the beach, which was wonderful.

Obsessed with doodles so obviously can’t get much better than snapping doodle pics on a beach. My two favorite things.
beach yoga
Beach.. Yoga… Beach + Yoga. My other 2 favorite things.

And finally, the obvious summer must-do will be watching the sun come up. I can’t imagine it any other way! We were fortunate to be around Montauk for the sunrise and watched it rise up over the beach. The beautiful small little mini hotel rooms overlooking the beach made it look so surreal. The sky turned to cotton candy colors of pinks and orange, and I’ll remember it being the most peaceful, beautiful sight of the weekend.

Drinking in the beautiful views
The second to last day of the trip and couldn’t have been in front of a prettier setting

The last day on that Monday was when we really got to relax and enjoy the sights at Montauk Beach House. Good vibes, a great dj, and some friends just relaxing and having delicious food. The food at Montauk Beach House is quite dainty but still pretty delicious. Go for the sliders, kale pizza, and chicken panini. I never quite understood why that place always serves everything with hummus on the side, but it does. Hummus on hummus on hummus.

I loved this hat so much, I got it in the tropical printed version. Because I love everything tropical.
Rainy days still look beautiful in the Hampton’s

At least it rained on our final day there. Overall, we had a great weekend on the beach, pool and wandering about the beautiful towns in Amagansett and Montauk. I am excited to share in the adventures on my next getaway there with good people. My favorite spot in the Hampton’s where I’m excited to return is Surf Lodge. It’s situated right on the water and if you get there at 5 or 6pm you can enjoy the live band or DJs and watch the sun set over the water and turn the skies orange and pink.

Try to get out to the Hampton’s this summer. It’s really fun with so many activities to do. Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Oh one last thing to add actually…

Today’s been a great day so far. I’m flooded with so much love and happiness today as my brother just proposed to his girlfriend, Ally! Sending love and happiness to them both.


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