How to Stay Cool in the City this Summer

There are so many people trying to get out of the city (and for good reason) during the hot summer. The overbearingly tall buildings attract heat making it stick between roads and sidewalks so you feel like you’re trapped in a sauna and unable to escape to find the cool breeze. No need to fear though, especially if you just moved to a large city. There are several fun things to do while being outdoors in the city this summer where you can stay cool. For one, in my previous blog post, there are so many rooftops to jet to where you can avoid the boiling concrete streets. Overall: rooftops, ice cream, and dressing in light, white clothing will help you stay cool through the summer.

Dress in White:


Rooftops, whites & florals 


Summery looks with beautiful friends

I’m currently obsessing over the white on white trend. Yes, I know it’s not Memorial Day Weekend, but who really follows that rule anyway? Fashion is what you make of it, and you should be able to wear what you want when you want.

floral look


This white floral maxi keeps me cool because it’s flowy and light. Pair it with a cool white crop top and small evening bag for a flattering and classy look.

Brunching with AC:


Roof & Bone’s Southern Comfort delicacy


Cool off with a refreshing cocktail before hitting the heat again

There’s nothing like finding a spot to brunch in to avoid the sticky outdoors and stay cool while you dine and sip on your drink of choice. Root & Bone has been my personal favorite recently because they have the best service, offer a great list of drinks and serve such delicious fried chicken. You even can watch them make it in the kitchen, and the staff is so pleasant. The open windows makes it seem like you are outside but you still feel the coolness from the AC.

Rooftops with Pools:


This is where you’ll find me on hot summer days if I happen to (unfortunately) be stuck in the city… 

gorg pool

It’s been a long time for my friend to finally build this pool, but it is so worth it. It’s one of just 7 pools in Manhattan.

While it’s hard to find a decent pool that’s not overly crowded in NYC, there are quite a few to explore, including Soho House, Equinox Printing House, Jimmy at the James Hotel, and of course your friends’ places when they invite you over to check out their new pool that overlooks Manhattan 😉

Ice Creams to Cool off:


Because everyone knows summer days are not complete without a little ice cream

There is no better way to finish off a hot summer day than with a nice ice cream cone. Grab one from Amorino’s and stroll around the city enjoying its cool, gelato deliciousness. Amorino gelato designs these most amazing flower-shaped cones. I highly recommend making the trip to find one of their several locations this summer.

Let me hear what you love to do during hot summer days in your city?

My one last favorite thing to do in the summer is bike riding, but of course that can just make you hotter. Even so, there is nothing quite like that breeze you get from riding your bike through the city and catching the rays from the sun and feeling the cool wind through your hair. Same goes with convertibles in the summer when the roof is down!

Cheers to the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend. Summer is finally upon us!



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