What’s in Fashion? Rooftop Season

What’s in Fashion? Rooftop Season

Rooftop season is back folks! This week’s hot weather and sunny blue skies are getting us New Yorkers more and more excited for the upcoming Summer! I can’t wait to throw away the sweaters and start thinking up some fresh summer style: printed cotton pants, floral dresses, and maxi skirts. This past weekend was a bit cloudy and rainy but I still felt it was necessary to dress up for Mother’s Day in floral prints. The pink bag (Dolce & Gabbana) I wore all day is my friend, Liz Miller’s, who has started her own side job selling designer bags at a great price. She will also be your stylist and personal shopper. Follow her on @lizmillerscloset.

lucky bee1.jpg
Blending in in the new spot, Lucky Bee, post brunch. The interior is so cute and tropical and the Asian-inspired cuisine was pretty delicious too. 

The weather that Sunday morning started out very beautiful and sunny (I ran a 10k earlier that day, see below for my results!) and then a huge windy rainstorm hit around 2pm and actually knocked me over when we were on the roof. It lasted just 10 minutes though luckily, but it was still pretty terrifying how strong the wind gust hit. We were able to stay out on the roof all day afterwards and have a dance party! Rooftops & dance parties are on top of my list for summer activities.


Via Spiga shoes / Joe’s jeans / MVMT watch / LF top / J.Crew necklace

Since it was Mother’s Day, I had to wear something not only full of color and print (I went with blue) but also the gorgeous blue necklace my mum gave me for my birthday. It’s so pretty! A perfect statement necklace to accessorize a springtime weekend outfit.

tilt fran

group shot
This city gets more and more beautiful every summer I swear!
This city that I love is bursting with color and vibration; it never gets boring and never gets old. ❤

I’m surprised we didn’t see a rainbow after the short-lived rainstorm. It would’ve been beautiful! The view is insane from my friend’s roof. We watched the sun come back out and skies clear up again turning into that deep blue color. Soon, music started playing up again and we began jumping around and dancing. Summer seems so close now!

Days like these with great friends are what sunny Sundays should be all about.


Earlier that day, I ran a 10k race with Hannah. It was such a pretty morning for it! I finished with a time of 50:03 min so 8:03/mile. I’m determined to run more races to improve my time but finishing at that time felt like a victory! The race was a Mother’s Day 10k and a lot of mothers ran it with their daughters. I couldn’t unfortunately but I will run with my mum in Boston soon! 🙂

Proud of us for both getting up at 8am for this!

And to finish off this post, here’s a photo of my beautiful mum and me at Stella’s Restaurant in South End, Boston. The last photo we took on my last visit a month ago for Easter. I love you mum and hope you had the best Mother’s Day!

Mum, you are my best friend and greatest support system, I love you so much!

Have a great week and enjoy the sunny weather! Here is a list of a few rooftops I love going to in NYC. I definitely suggest trying them all: favorite rooftops in NYC.


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