Making the Most Out of Fyre Weekend

This past weekend, my friends and I were supposed to go to the infamous Fyre Festival (#fyrefail) in Exuma, Bahamas. The festival was promoted as a supermodel-filled luxury concert event, and the organizers had promised to fly attendees in a private jet from Miami to the private island where we would have all amenities included and stay in luxurious villas. Here is where the mega-fail comes in… The night before we were supposed to get there, they canceled all flights to Exuma because they ran out of money and basically had no idea what they were doing. Multiple concertgoers who made it to the island were left stranded with no food and no way to escape. The organizers Ja Rule and Billy McFarland will likely need to declare bankruptcy as they’ve already been hit with a $100 million lawsuit.

Regardless of this little hiccup, we didn’t let this affect our getaway and requested time off from work. We stayed in Miami all 3 nights and got a lot of sun and still managed to find great music and party with Disclosure.

So moral of the story, instead of wishing for something you’ve been dreaming about for months to go over smoothly, expect the worst… or in this case, don’t be surprised for something sounding so great to go up in flames (fyre flames). Make the most out of bad news. Miami was fun but we are all still hoping for our refunds from Fyre. The organizers are promising every festival goer a full refund, and are working on getting in touch with guests about the full details. Apparently, also promising us a free ticket for next year but everyone is laughing at them calling them nuts.

The Delano in Miami


Pool party chic – my Josie Natori hot pink wrap was a perfect cover-up for the Miami heat.

The disorganized mess from Fyre was a bit devastating at first but luckily we had Miami and friends from Fyre who didn’t make it there were also stuck in Miami.

SLS hotel, Miami

Here’s to hoping my next festival will be a better success ((Burning Man!))

On the brighter side, it is becoming a bit sunnier in NYC and the flowers have bloomed.

Happy Wednesday, and have a great week!


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