Trending Away from Skinny Jeans

Comfortable ‘ath-denim’ is becoming a big trend, and more celebs, models and fashion bloggers are spotted wearing mom jeans, loose fitting jeans with frayed hems and flare than the typical, tight skinny jeans. While my skinny jeans have always been my “go-to’s,”  I am am a big advocate for comfort and think the trend really stems from everyone wanting to be comfortable. The athleisure trend was a prime example of that and how we would rather go for our Lulu leggings rather than rigid denim. There are more tech experts and fashion designers these days that are teaming up to construct a denim that give a bit more than rigid ordinary denim, and they’re creating these soft comfortable denim with more flare.

Check out the below designers who I feel are really doing it right with the flare, ripped, and embroidered denim:

Josie Natori

Josie Natori Pre-Fall 2017

Josie Natori’s Pre-Fall ’17 Collection launched denim for the first time! As seen in WWD, the comfortable, flattering denim is cropped above the ankle, and are not too rigid or tight. I think these pants with a crop top would be the perfect look for spring, though it unfortunately won’t be available for sale til September/October.

[Photo taken from @natori]



@sincerelyjules and @katcollings in loose fitting denim at Coachella.

Jonathan Cheung, head of design at Levi’s, has been advocating for comfortable denim a lot recently as he thinks comfort is psychological. “If you don’t look good, you won’t feel comfortable” so the design goal is to combine the comfort of knits with the authentic look of denim like the above loose fitting style, which shows how desert denim is done right.

[Photo taken from @levis]



Comfortable enough to lounge in? These jeans with a frayed hem may well be on the way to being a next big seller

I’m not as familiar with NYDJ but it is becoming more popular and definitely fitting the more athleisure to ath-denim trend. Lisa Collier, president and chief executive officer of NYDJ says, “Everything in the industry today is about maximizing comfort. It’s the notion of high recovery, shaping the body and smoothing out the curves to enhance the figure.”

[Photo taken from @nydj]


6841fcdddf9bd774558d58ad6149f9ac in star printed, slouchy jeans by Hudson at Coachella

I love the cut and feel of Hudson Jeans. The fabric is so chic and comfortable when you put them on, but then they are really expensive – unfortunate downside. However, you’ll be holding onto these for a long time as the quality is terrific. And (not pictured), they are killing it with the frayed hem jeans. Comfortable and trendy, a win win.

[Photo taken from @hudsonjeans]



Nike is trying to dominate this ‘ath-denim’ trend with its new patent on denim! Photos of the denim not available

Nike just launched a new take on “athleisure” aka “ath-denim” and they now (believe it or not) have a blueprint on denim! They have collaborated with a denim company to produce the softest, most comfortable pants that still look fabulously stylish and not just sporty. According to WWD’s article, Nike’s new patent could mark the rise of ‘ath-denim.” Nike said the combination of synthetic polymers in the fabric would not only create a lightweight, resilient and comfortable denim, but also one that provides strong resilience and protection against rips. Their new patent suggests Nike might one day introduce an activewear line that merges the two trends, which is what more and more brands seem to be doing. Thus, reinforcing how much this comfortable ‘ath-denim’ trend is taking off.

[Photo taken from WWD]

From athleisure to ‘ath-denim’, this trend is what most girls and guys are keen to wear because everyone wants to look good but feel comfortable. A lightweight, breathable denim is great for everyday errands, shopping, and brunch parties. They are relaxed but still trendy enough to get away with dressing them up or down. No more killing ourselves by getting into a tight pair of jeans because the ‘ath-denim’ trend is here to stay.


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