How to Network in NYC

I recently wrote a post for Six Degrees Society on dining in NYC and where to dine depending who you are with. I will share that post with you soon, but first let me tell you a little more about Six Degrees Society. If you don’t know about SDS yet, I highly recommend looking into it, especially if you want to meet new people in your city. It’s a great networking group and Emily Merrell, the founder, combs through every attendee’s bios before each event and selects which person should chat with who first. Attendees are able to have more intimate conversations at these events where they can talk about their similarities and common interests with another attendee who is interested in a similar industry or background as them. To learn more about upcoming events, subscribe to the newsletter and see which events interest you the most.

I recently became a contributor to the team and will be sharing more about fashion trends, tips, dining suggestions, and more. The SDS community is growing and spreading to every major city so we would love to hear from you. Message me directly to learn more about how to be more involved in your community,


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