How to Perform in a Floral Kimono

How to Perform in a Floral Kimono

This past weekend I went to the Music Hall of Williamsburg and watched my old friend, Tucker Halpern, and Sophie (Sofitukkr, a band/dj) perform. They killed it (obviously) and the tickets were completely sold out. Some were still selling on Stubhub for maybe $200 each. I’m proud to say I smartly chose to buy tickets 3 months ago, at only $30 each! It was a great 2 hour set show that started at 10pm and ended around 11:45pm.

When I showed up, I saw Sophie come on stage in the Josie Natori Tapestry Garden robe I had gifted her to wear to Coachella! I was so happy to see it, it was such a surprise. She wore it as a floral kimono over a full white outfit – bodysuit and bellbottom white pants. Her typical outfit she performs in is white, so I also gifted her a white Balconett Maillot one-piece from Natori upon request.

Sophie and Tucker aka Sofitukkr. Thanks to Hannah’s pink polaroid camera for this shot

I love the way Sophie wore the kimono robe as a topper for her opening performance. The venue was also the perfect place for them as they both live in Brooklyn so it was like performing in their home city. I highly recommend checking out the Music Hall of Williamsburg if you haven’t been. The upstairs was where the live music took place and where everyone flocked too but then downstairs was quite cool because there was a pretty big circular bar where everyone could be seen by a bartender and it didn’t seem too crowded. There was also a coat check downstairs and no one was too drunk or obnoxious. New Yorkers are always desperate to see artists perform and don’t care too much about where it is, and sometimes it’s grimy and gross, but this venue was clean and spacious and not too crowded given the fact that it was a completely sold out show.

Sophie killing it
Sophie killing it on the guitar in my Josie Natori kimono I gifted her. Tucker in the background


Take a look at the other styles the Tapestry Garden print comes in that Sophie wore. My favorite is the open back slip dress!


The fiery red florals are perfect for any season too. From spring to holiday season, it’s the perfect print. Another reason I love Natori is the special patterns and prints they design on sleepwear, caftans, loungewear and dresses. You can never have too many prints, especially now that the weather is warming up and it’s getting to be that springtime of year.

Have a great week, happy hump day!


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