Fired up for Fishnets

I am obsessed with the fishnets trend that has been popping up all over NYC recently. As the weather has gotten a lot warmer recently, I have found that I am wearing my flats out almost everyday and chucking my boots in the back of my closet. The new trend, these fishnets, are amazing. I wear them under my black silk Josie Natori pants and let the ankles and top of my feet show off the lace. I wore them this past weekend with a white Zara top with a built-in sequins tank that was tucked into so you could see some of the fishnets peeping out.


Love the fishnets, got them for cheap too from Aldo!

I loved them so much I wore them out for another night that weekend when we went to a favorite bar/dancing club called Black Lodge, which my friend just opened this summer. The lovely gold palm tree decor on pearl pink wallpaper is divine and luxurious. My friend, Wilki, was djing that night too. Highly recommend checking out the place if you haven’t been to it yet in the city.


The second night i wore my fishnets with similar silk cropped pants and an off-the-shoulder Brandy Melville top

New York has endless amounts of diverse people you’ll meet. I walked home from the downtown spot and enjoyed listening to music and absorbing in the nightlife on my own. I met a very weird transgender I talked to but that was about it. I loved my outfit and didn’t want the night to end so it was probably one of the nicest walks I’ve had this year since the weather is finally nice out! And to think it’s only February!


Flats, fishnets, and silk skinny trousers.

Every weekend I feel I have a piece of clothing that I want to wear or own that goes with my mood. It’s important to act outside your comfort zone sometimes and by changing up your wardrobe, that can really help you feel more confident, new and fresh. This past weekend, it was the fishnets because it went with my more edgy mood.


As we are transitioning into Spring, make sure you do things outside your comfort zone. Meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in ages or go to a new coffee bar or networking event, and try something new. There is so much more to New York than a few people and a few places, and I’m excited to explore the unknown.



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