At Glossier Showroom

On Sunday, I had a relaxing day with some girlfriends as we attended the Glossier showroom. It’s amazing and just opened on Lafayette Street. The people that work there are dressed in whimsical pink jumpsuits and are super friendly. It’s just like a Sephora but with less product and clutter. Sometimes when I’m in Sephora, I feel a headache coming on and I just have to get out of there. Glossier is so nice and peaceful and there are mirrors everywhere with cozy lounge chairs that makes you never want to leave.

Photo taken from the opening of the showroom featuring the employees in their snazzy white sneaks and pink cuffed jumpsuits
My friend, Kelsea, trying on her favorite: the Haloscope highlighter

We felt no pressure to purchase anything, which I found really amazing about the Glossier showroom. Everything was about the experience for the customer and that just made me feel more excited about the brand.

Hannah taking a make-up break in Glossier’s comfy chairs. The sign above: just dew it.
The boy brow is Glossier’s new claim to fame.. apparently. Recently I’ve noticed everything is about the perfect boy brow. The fuller the better.

Thanks for the tour Glossier! Cheers to you for making my make-up look so great:

Thanks for the Matte Lipstick by Glossier – the jam shade is my jam. Highly recommend!

Amazing product and such a fun day to explore that part of Manhattan. I love Soho and will be sure to stop by again soon…

But before I finish up here, I just wanted to add that as I mentioned in my last post, I’m really eager to explore new places on the weekends and attend different kinds of events in the city. Let me hear your favorites?!?! Sometimes we (or at least I) feel we are in a bubble seeing the same people we see on a day to day or going to the same gym classes every week and we forget how much more there is out there. It’s important to change it up. That is one reason why this weekend, I’m going to visit the Armory Show. Ever since Art Basel. I’ve learned to really appreciate art and the importance of a unique piece in a room and home. Decorating your home is very special and brings life to your house. It tells a story no matter where you found the piece or got it, and I’m looking forward to learning more about the art industry as I explore more art showings and events. Stay tuned to hear about Armory next week!


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