What We Want for Valentine’s Day

As we girls get ready for Valentine’s Day, there is no escaping what special gifts we dream up of getting on this romantic day. Whether they’re from our mothers, dads, brothers, friends, girlfriends, or boyfriends… we still admire the hearts of chocolates we see before checking out at Duane Reade, admire the lingerie that pops up on our Instagram feeds, and glance at the bouquets of roses we pass along bodegas on our walk home.

For me, I just want to have flowers and lots of chocolate.. and a few other things too. My idea of Valentine’s Day is enjoying a delicious meal at a new or old favorite Italian restaurant and then going home to curl up and eat the chocolate you either received as a gift or bought yourself.

I’ve put together a list of my favorite things I’d love to receive as a gift from someone close to me – either family, friend or boyfriend. These gifts are just reminders of our love for one another and buying someone special something you know they absolutely love, no matter if it is a meaningful card or favorite candy. A little gift goes a long way on and can really make someone’s Valentine’s Day that much more special.


  1. Flamingo Embroidered Slippers:

Snuggle up with your favorite glass of wine in these cozy pink flamingo slippers from Jacaranda Living

Imagine slipping into these cotton waffle weave slippers after a hot shower after your night out on Valentine’s Day? Or any night? They are so adorable, and I’m obsessed with the cute flamingo. Jacaranda Living has a lot of other styles on their website that I’m just obsessed with. Yes, it’s no lie that this is my mother’s company and they come all the way from my home country, South Africa, but I can’t resist obsessing over them. My friends and I are always lounging in them when we’re home.

2. Statement Earrings



Bold jewelry to elevate any outfit on your galentine’s date night

These are on my want list! I love the color cobalt blue and think these would look gorgeous on someone with a strapless top or dress, and hair pulled back to show them off. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be flowers and lingerie, but a gorgeous jewelry piece for a friend or girlfriend can really make her feel that much more special and something she will have forever.

3. Cadbury’s Chocolate


The most delicious chocolate ever created! Thank you Cadbury

Maybe because I’m from South Africa, but Cadbury’s is I think the most delicious chocolate ever made. I actually wrote a paper on the making of chocolate when I studied abroad in Paris, and learned the ins and outs of a chocolatier. Super interesting. And after all that research of interviewing French chocolate makers, finding out the highest quality cacao and finest rich chocolate, the Dairy Milk still takes the cake for me! Go for the plain or almond nut one. It is to die for, and I’m obsessed with the chocolate Cadbury Easter eggs that come in the end of April.

4. Scented Candles


Pineapples are awesome.. especially when they’re also candles!


Sweet smelling candles that also serve as beautiful table decor

My favorite candles are vanilla scented, cinnamon scented, and honey sugar. The problem with them is that they go too quickly! A secret beauty tip: taking a bit of soft candle wax and rubbing it on the backs of your wrist. The smell lasts and it’s a moisturizer that in the dry weather will keep your skin soft and glowing.

I hope the list of my favorite things helps inspire you to get a few things for the special people in your life. Even if it is just buying yourself a box of chocolates, a bunch of roses and curling up on the sofa with a delicious glass of Malbec.


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