Are You Valentine’s Day Ready?

Valentine’s Day is approaching and everyone is getting excited about making plans to dine at a cute restaurant, go shopping for special lingerie and a new outfit, and picking out the perfect gift for him/her. This day of love, also called Saint Valentine’s Day, is an annual holiday that is to celebrate a feast honoring a special saint named Valentinus. It is recognized as a special cultural and community celebration in many places around the world but not a public holiday in any country. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved this holiday and I would always go crazy with my Valentine’s Day cards to everyone in class.

For a lot of people, the holiday serves as just another reminder that they don’t have someone special to share in their life. It shouldn’t be though!! It’s a day dedicated to showing love and being extra grateful for the people in our life, similar to Christmas! This doesn’t mean we have to be paired off with our boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband. It just means we dedicate this day to something you love indulging in such as, CHOCOLATES, FLOWERS, TEDDY BEARS, PETS, PERSONAL GIFTS and celebrating each other’s kindness and love.

Ask any girl, and they’ll agree, there is nothing more special than roses on Valentine’s Day… and some lingerie, of course. Here are my top picks for a lovely bunch of flowers & lingerie from the Natori Company.

Roses & lingerie
Roses and a cute black Josie Natori cropped cami top for comfort and feminine style
Venus et Fleur roses last a full year! Ladies make sure you tell your man to get you some of these for V-Day!
The Josie Natori Belle du Jour bra and matching panty in PINK is divine for your Valentine’s Day date night

I love fun colors and Valentine’s Day screams red and pink. When you don’t know which bra to turn to, there’s always the Feathers Collection from Natori. Our Natori Feathers bra and panty set is the all time top selling bra, according to We Wore What and Journelle. Make sure you get one in time for V-Day!

I see every girl wearing this bra and raving about it… get Valentine’s Day ready in the one and only Natori Feathers bra!

I hope everyone has a lovely week, and here’s one more photo that truly makes me happy…



Happy dog, happy boyfriend, happy me ❤

Have the best holiday and don’t forget to shop for the people you love the most in your life to make their day special.


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