Nadina’s Trip to Tahiti

My fellow blogger friend, Nadina Gerlach, who I’ve written about before has jetted off to Tahiti and brought her most glamorous possessions: a Josie Natori silk caftan and a silk Lolita wrap. I just gifted her these items before her journey and she hasn’t stopped raving about them since she returned from being off the grid. Tahiti looks like an absolute dream. I would love to go there, especially after being fully covered in snow this past weekend, it has gone down to 10 degrees in New York City this week. Such a pain how unbearable this weather can be!

Here are some photos from Nadina’s beautiful trip to the majestic mountain peaks, turquoise waters and white-sand beaches. It has definitely now become on top of my list of places to visit. Thanks Nadina!

white robe tahiti.jpg
Soaking in the warmrays in Tahiti wearing a silk Lolita wrap from Josie Natori
Feeling the spirit surround and connect you to all living things
Showing off a flower in her hair and gazing out on the neon-turquoise waters of Bora Bora

I am dying for a vacation like this one, it would be a dream destination for a honeymoon or special trip coming up. How cool would it to be to camp out in those huts and wake up to that view everyday? I would love to take a few months off and travel these exotic destinations and camp out with no technology, jumping in the warm water everyday, without a worry in the world, and learning about the Tahiti spirit, Mana, and how the locals live.

Stretching out in a silk Josie Natori beaded caftan
Dip your toes in the sun-kissed ocean of gods

Nadina wore this lux silk caftan so well in the afternoon Tahiti sun. It makes for the perfect beach cover up on a beautiful exotic destination like this. Make sure you pack one on your next dream getaway!

Thanks for the beautiful photos Nadina, you looked beautiful. For those interested, follow her adventures on her Instagram. She is always jetsetting somewhere and takes the most magnificent photos.

Have a great week!


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