Art Basel

This weekend I jetted out to Miami for Art Basel. It was beautiful and made me realize how much I miss the hot sun and beach! I can’t handle living in such a cold city like NYC all year through the horrible, cold winter. Christmastime is actually really pretty in the city though. Sometimes we all just need a little escape. I swam in the ocean all morning on Saturday. SO invigorating. We also browsed a few art galleries, explored South Beach and had delicious food.

100% silk. I loved this outfit – the red Lillian cami is a must-have for the holiday season! It’s chic, comfortable and versatile.
My friend, Hannah, and I went on a five mile walk down the beach to get breakfast at this place called Juice & Java. It was delicious and such a pretty walk. Miami is so fun, the hotels on South Beach are all gorgeous and there’s always music bumping. I don’t think I could live there but it definitely is a fun place to visit.

This Spring ’17 caftan by Josie Natori looked gorgeous on Hannah and how cute is her pineapple bag?
Lovely leopard print on the finest silk chiffon
We stayed at the Fontainbleu – gorgeous hotel in South Beach. Downside: that drink cost me $27. To be expected when in Miami.
Obsessed with this jacquard bomber and can’t wait for it to go on sale at this Spring!
headed to PULSE to see some art





My friend, Sabastion, from Trinity was in Miami. He was helping out at one of the art galleries. It was so nice to see him again. He lives all the way in L.A.

Seabass in his Louis Vuitton boots – keeping it real wintry in Miami 🙂
On our last night, we had dinner reservations at the luxurious new hotel called Faena in South Beach, Miami. The hotel was unbelievably nice, a place like no other – very Great Gatsby esque with magnificent chandeliers, beautiful paintings and shiny gold palm tree printed curtains.

The girls at dinner 
The trip was short but we fit a lot in. I came back feeling super rejuvenated and relaxed. I wish I could’ve sunbathed a bit longer. Now back in NYC and the weather is getting colder by the day. I’m REALLY hoping to go to Tulum for New Years. It’s the new hot spot of the year and Mexico is my favorite place to visit. Yes, I’ve definitely been coming in hot with the last minute trips!

Have a great weekend!


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