Birthday Weekend

I had the best weekend last weekend celebrating my 26th birthday with some of my closest friends. We had a long weekend of some serious fun from delicious pasta dishes to unlimited bubbly champagne to fun filters on Snapchats that my friend Kelsea bought for me to create the special moment. We all went to Bar Primi (a total of 12 of us) and with the help from friends set up a prix fixe menu with $60 unlimited four course meals (best pasta ever) and then with $30 unlimited wine, aperol spritzer and beer.


Outside Bar Primi – feeling extra sparkly in the black & gold sequins dress from Dress the Population and gold earrings from Natori


Ali, one of my closest friends since I was 12, helped make sure everything ran smoothly at Bar Primi.


Me, Ali, Sophie, and Crolls – closest friends for years and years, practically my sisters


Nick made the night the most special, ❤

Love me some Momofuku cake, it’s so delicious. My friends know me too well. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend!!



My bestie, Sophie, being silly as usual on Snapchat – (note: Kelsea’s snapchat filters)

It was my friend, Jenn’s birthday, this week. Jenn, a good friend from Natori, was so sweet in her gift giving and made my week leading up to the birthday weekend so much more special. Thanks for the cupcakes, card, and gift Jenny girl.


Jenn and I – thanks Jenny, birthday girl, Scorpio princess

The entire night was a success, and most of us who had gotten tickets beforehand went to celebrate and dance at the Klingande concert. I loved it but the dinner was the most fun, and special being with everyone and chatting.


Hannah, me and Kelsea at the Klingande concert

No Sunday scaries after this special day. Nick and I ended up celebrating the end of the weekend at Carbone, an Italian favorite in West Village on Sunday night. I got the rigatoni and he got the clams spaghetti (I hate clams, but he loved it). I can’t wait to go back.

The whole weekend was a blast, and I wish it was my birthday everyday, although I can’t believe I’m already 26. Getting so old! But excited to see what the next year has to offer.

Happy Friday all and happy almost Thanksgiving!! Will follow up about more photos, stories and posts soon!


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