It’s the mid-twenties and you’re torn between wanting to go out, dance, live your life and be free or get a little puppy to take care of like it’s your little kid. You can’t stop picturing yourself as both that young, free girl but also that young woman whose growing up and beginning to plan out her life.

My 26th birthday is coming up (tomorrow, yes election day) and I can’t help but have these moments of deep thought, questioning what we are supposed to be doing at this age and if we’re on the right track. Yes, I love my life but sometimes living in the busy bubble of NYC, I find it difficult to slow down. Yoga was a powerful mental activity for me that reminded me how important it is to practice breathing and critical thinking of your life, yourself, and who you choose to be around. Though it is difficult to get to yoga classes living in NYC working in the busy, fashion world where everyone is constantly on the go, I know that the practice of meditation is important. Learning what is good and what is bad. Ultimately, people are living their life to fulfill their goals and dreams for themselves and be successful for themselves, but to really feel accomplished, there needs to be some balance of paying it forward and giving back to your peers. Our goal is not to just work as hard as possible but to enjoy life’s journey on the way. Once you master the art of balancing social, work, business, pleasure you can feel accomplished and can feel happy.

Happiness may not always be a choice but it certainly has its moments. When you choose to smile, you can’t help but feel a little bit more uplifted. Getting to feeling completely happy and at ease is the most important, whether it makes you feel good to give back to the community by being helpful and useful to those around you, even a stranger. Or you choose exercise as a way to understand yourself and feel good about your body. These choices and moments of self awareness and reflection must be cherished because though your mind at times may be in a different place, you have yourself and your breath and you’re in control of your tomorrow.



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