From Venice with Love

From Venice with Love

The beautiful Insta babe, Nadina Gerlach, did a photoshoot wearing Natori last weekend and looked STELLER in the styles I sent her. I love the photos her and her photographer, Benjamin, took. I first saw Nadina wearing a vintage cami from Natori in April when she attended the Coachella Music Festival and I loved her style instantly – very boho chic, hippie, and without a care about what other people think. Plus, she is always smiles and exudes positive vibes on all her travels. Here are some of my favorite photos of her in Natori from her photoshoot in Venice Beach, CA.


The Natori Serene gown is perfect for her Venice basketball court, beach side setting with the palm trees. Just gorgeous!
Sky blue hues & florals
unspecified (5).jpg
Up close shot of Nadina in the floral printed gown

These pieces I gifted her from the Natori Company because I felt she was so on brand for us and I knew she’d wear the pieces with great style and confidence. One of the photos I posted received nearly 600 likes, which is big for us as we are still such a growing company with 50 employees.

Nadina is beautiful and beachy in the Natori Exotic Animal Lounger.
Beachy vibes in a chic cotton cover-up

The exotic animal printed lounger is one of my favorite styles for everyday lounging and to wear as a beach cover-up on vacation.

Here’s a shot of her from April when we first connected.

Lingerie check! See similar silk and lace cami styles here

Since then, Nadina and I still communicate quite regularly, mainly through Instagram. In fashion, it’s important to network and connect with people from across the country and I’m glad we’ve become friends through social. I just received her handwritten card this week, which was so cute and very considerate.


To see more stylish lingerie items to shop for fall, go to

Happy Thursday! Weekend is almost here….


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