Connecting in Fashion

This week the Josie Natori sales team went to the Coterie show at the Javit’s center in NYC. The collections that were displayed were the Josie Natori S/S ’17 and Resort ’17 collections. The booth looked beautiful and it was a really interesting experience to go and learn more about the buyers, sellers, editors that frequent the different booths. Our team was placed next to Ellie Saab, Vince, Alice + Olivia, Anna Sui, and others so it was great exposure and placement for our collections.




In the past, I’ve attended trade shows with my mum to help with Jacaranda Living (mother’s company). It’s been a very interested and good learning experience for me to see the way the retailers come to the show and make connections with the different exhibitors. Some who don’t have stores and some who do. My mum’s company doesn’t have a personal store or boutique but she provides home product to several places across the country and some international.

My mum and me at the NY Now show at the Javits Center

The Coterie show felt like it could be a great place for me to begin making more connections with the buyers, exhibitors, bloggers, editors and I can use those connects in the grand scheme of things here at Natori. I met this one photographer who is a freelancer and we are currently looking for a photographer, particularly who works in accessories. Just like that, I made an instant connection. I am thankful for being brought into such a small company like Natori, that’s been around for nearly 40 years, where I am exposed to so much in the fashion industry, especially from an entrepreneurial point of view, because eventually I feel that is the route I want to explore. Both my parents were entrepreneurs and had a vision for themselves and eventually, after working in different fields, they both broke away into their own passions, to build something unique and new that they could manage and run.

Several events in NYC are always inviting from trade shows to blogger events to pop-up stores where you can go and make connections in a similar field as you. I love living in this city as a 25 year old, and am eager to pursue everything it has to offer, one step at a time. Until I finally feel confident in myself that I have the right experience under my belt to pursue the field of my dreams. That idea may or may not be known to me or others, but I am definitely getting the gist of it and know that it will have to do with: fashion, lifestyle, health, fitness, photography and travel.


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