Goodbye Summer!

The summer that was so short-lived filled with beautiful people, lots of pools, lively rooftops and endless Hamptons trips has left us. It is devastating for me when summer comes to an end. I don’t do well in the cold and to think there is no way around it other than escaping on a quick plane to Tulum for a sweet escape with the girlfriends over Christmas. One can only dream…but it is on the radar.


Surf Lodge in the Hamptons – happy place

This summer I met new people, became closer friends with a lot more people from working at my new job at Natori, and also felt like there was never a day that I felt I couldn’t go outside just to get air and go for a run to escape. NYC can be so claustrophobic and summer is an outlet to run along West Side Highway, take a Citibike to Brooklyn, and dance on Governor’s Island to Odesza and Lee Burridge. These excursions lead to joy and adventure as I look back remembering how it makes me so happy to constantly be on the move. This is my energy, my persona, and my passion to constantly find something to feel fulfilled, to be challenged, and to seek adventure.


South Africa: 8,094 miles. NYC: 717 miles. Happy Place: 0 miles


Always active.


Beach runs


These photos from the summer are so short-lived but make me miss the endless active swims, dancing til sunrise, and tanning to that golden glow. My friends, boyfriend and family were the best part to feel fulfilled right til the end. The spontaneity of each person in my life whether it be ending up at the theater on a Wednesday after a long day at work to finally trying a Tracy Anderson workout class in Soho to taking photographs wearing Josie Natori Couture caftans on my roof, sipping rose. The memories are endless, and though the sweet summer was short-lived, it was one of the best I’ve had.


You can get this Josie Natori Leopard Printed wrap I’m wearing from! It just delivered for Fall and I’m obsessed.


On set filming Shared House in the Hamptons that will air in January


Sweet summer, you will be missed

Here’s a last summer toast and to see what’s in store for fall, and this week’s big fashion week in NYC.



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