Next Week’s Fashion Week Moment

I’m excited to be a part of NYFW for the Josie Natori team. We are having a presentation next week on Thursday (9/8) at this gorgeous, eclectic, ethereal museum called the Waterfall Mansion in the Upper East Side (across from Madonna’s house). SO much is going on in these next few days to prepare and the collection isn’t even finalized yet!!!

Inspiration photos taken from the Spring ’17 mood board:

I definitely am feeling for my friends in the JN Design team, running around to the factories and taking instruction from the designer Josie Natori herself. The style out is happening today with the beautiful, stunning model Adeele who has become a friend over these past months. I am so excited to see how the styles turn out. This season we will be showcasing the new Spring 2017 Collection and the main word behind the design inspiration is ESCAPISM.


Exotic flora, fauna and sunset hues resonate throughout the embroideries and prints. The artisanal craftsmanship is key with an exploration of volume and silhouette.

It’s a big chapter for the Josie Natori team because we just hired a new Design Director and have been really changing direction from past collections into a fresh way that evokes more romance and sensuality. This new collection is coming out next year in stores during the year of Natori’s 40TH ANNIVERSARY! It’s been 40 years since Filipino native, Josie Natori, began this fashion empire – and it all started when she brought a peasant blouse to a Bloomingdale’s buyer and they asked her to make it longer so it could be a nightgown. Since that day, 40 years later, the company has evolved and explored new ways to express the global heritage of the World of Natori.

Gorgeous as always, Josie Natori

Next week at the fashion show the Spring 2017 collection will evoke a fresh escape from the reality of our every day and a celebration of its 40th year. I can’t wait to see the collection in full force at next week’s show! Surprise celeb appearances will be in attendance. Stay tuned for pictures of the event and don’t forget to follow @natoricompany on Instagram!


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