More Than Me

It was so amazing to have an event last week at the Josie Natori Boutique on behalf of More Than Me organization. The organization was founded by Katie Meyler in 2009 to bring education to young girls living in Liberia. As someone who was born in South Africa and who has been to visit Rwanda to help orphaned children dealing with traumatic hardships after the Rwandan genocide, the experience listening to Katie meant a lot to me.

The brochures and pictures of Liberian students were handed out at the Josie Natori Boutique
25% of sales during the event went to More Than Me’s efforts in Liberia

Katie came from a normal American family and went to college in Minneapolis but then she decided she wanted to do something different, for the better. She visited Liberia and fell in love. Along the way, she met an 11 year old girl who had been forced into prostitution in exchange for clean water. This girl longed for an education, to learn about the world and all that it had to offer, like so many other young girls living in Liberia. Katie was so moved by this young girl’s struggle, it inspired her to create a school to meet these girls’ needs.

Katie telling her moving story to the crowd at the Josie Natori Boutique

In 2009, Katie found the organization, More Than Me, and has since made tremendous efforts of educating young girls in Liberia who just want to learn more about the world and what it has to offer. Katie stresses, “Before I’m American, I am human, and no little girl, regardless of where she was born, should be forced to work the streets when her biggest dream is just to go school.”

More Than Me has been evolving to the needs of their community since day one, from opening their own school, to fighting Ebola, to rebuilding Liberia’s education system. Their mission is: Get girls off the street and into school.

Live music and a big turnout in support of More Than Me at the #JNBoutique

I feel it is our duty to help this organization with their efforts by making a donation, small or large, anything helps! If you want to learn more, be sure to follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and check out the More Than Me organization’s website.  Or, get in touch with Katie @KatieMeyler. It is such an amazing organization and little donations truly go a long way for these girls.


Visit the #JosieNatori Boutique (253 Elizabeth St.) and follow all their other latest events and efforts with charity work.



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