How to do the Fourth

This Fourth of July, I’m going to the Hamptons with friends. We got an Air BnB and super excited to be sharing it with 7 other friends. I think the important thing to do before a fourth vacay is to bring the most red, white & blue attire as you can muster! Attend concerts, watch fireworks, dance the night away and own it. Whether you’re in festive, beachy cover-up or caftan or just some red, white or blue lace lingerie underneath a white tank… I think regardless of your style, this is the holiday to dress up and wear something different, summery, and fun. I’ve always been super into holidays since I was a little girl and feel that what you wear on a holiday is your way of expressing yourself, your mood and your excitement.

Here are my 5 absolute must-haves and do’s for the Fourth of July:

  1. Red, white, and blue

  2. Beach


3. Dance

SA Dance


thanks Audrey

4. Colorful Cocktails


5. Fireworks


So ultimately, just own it, wear it, do it and celebrate it. With a smile.

These are currently my 5 essentials for this Fourth of July weekend. What are the important things for you to have over this great American holiday?

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