How to Wear A Caftan

Caftans have been around for thousands of years and have been worn in many different cultures. There are so many different ways to wear a caftan – as a silky cover up for the beach, out shopping with friends, or to a divine cocktail party or dinner at your next exotic island getaway. I love the special caftans from the Josie Natori Couture Collection – they are gorgeous with embellishment and luxurious detailing. The Natori cotton caftans are lower price point and great for travel as they don’t require as much maintenance. The price points vary largely but the caftan is definitely a style Natori has owned for over 35 years.

My 3 favorite ways to wear a caftan:

  1. To the pool or beach



Natori archives

caftan on pool

Josie Natori leopard printed coral caftan

pool caftan

Josie Natori leopard caftans in coral & gray

2. Cocktail hour // Street Style


Josie Natori Couture


Josie Natori Couture


hibiscus caftan

Josie Natori Hibiscus caftan

3. Running around


hibiscus dog

My all time favorite style of caftan is the silk caftan with embellishment and colorful printed patterns. The above coral colored Josie Natori Hibiscus silk caftan is my favorite right now. It’s so chic and beautiful.

Ultimately, there are so many places to wear out a caftan. Elevate your beach style with a Couture Caftan from Josie Natori.

Bottom line is: be bold, look good, and feel elegant all summer long. Discover the perfect caftan for you now and enjoy the summer feeling beautiful, happy & free.



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