Lovely in Lace

Since working at a fashion lingerie company, I’ve become obsessed with silky lace lingerie and loungewear. My absolute favorite styles are the silk Chemises, Lolita camisoles and the lacy bras and panties.

Josie Natori Chantilly Lace bra & panty

Josie Natori beautiful lace lingerie is my all time favorite. Not only is it fitted and comfortable but the quality of the styles are so high end that they last for years and years. I love how devoted the company is to customer satisfaction. Since it’s a small company we really pride ourselves on working with everyone across departments and our Filipino manufacturers and bra licensees. The styles are always at a good low price point and the lace trims always so beautifully finished that they look just as nice as a La Perla or other high end lingerie style.

The Tissue Box Covers from Jacaranda Living

Josie Natori Hibiscus Chemise

I’m obsessed with this print!

The lacy lingerie and printed pajama pants are so cute and comfortable. The perfect pieces for summer nights. I love wearing mine to barbecues at home. The pants brighten my mood and always are a conversation starter. Browse the collection now.

Happy flag day! Over & out. xxxx


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