3 Ways to Wear a Bralette

Bralettes for summer! Sorry mom, we’re wearing the bras out for show and don’t care whether it’s showing through a see through top. Bralettes are comfortable, chic and stylish. They’re essentially a longer version of something like a sports bra but cropped, lacy or silky, and super sexy for the fashion forward babe.

Three ways to wear a bralette this summer:

  1. With a cut off tee or tank



  • Peeping through just enough to show the sexy lace under a casual tee. I love this look for everyday and feel the lace elevates the casual scrubby look to a more fashion forward outfit.


  • Love the lace detail and cute cut of these new bralettes.


  • Emily Schumann of Cupcakes and Cashmere just posted about the new Wireless Feathers bras as one of her favorite “go-to bra for Summer.” She is raving about it! Read the article, “My Go To Bra for Summer” on her blog.

2. With high-wasted pants or shorts and a jacket


  • Kendall Jenner wearing a bralette as a top with a long silk choker, probably from a silk robe or wrap. Creative



  • Wear a bralette with jean cut offs for the beach or hanging out with friends.

3. Under a see through top or tee


  • Light n lacy


  • Wear a bralette under a sheer top tucked in with a blazer. Chic. Stylish. Sophisticated.

Shop bralettes now to keep up with the hottest trend


  • I’m with Emily Schuman on this one – the new Natori Wireless Feathers bra is also my favorite “go-to” bra lately. It comes in all the best colors that I love. Shop it now and look fabulously chic in lace for summer.


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